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  1. oojudoo

    Chain Slipper Pad

    My chain came off on the weekend. When I was putting it back on I noticed the pad that goes around the end of the swing arm by the engine, on the bottom had broken. The part of the pad next to the drive cog with no tension was lifting the chain up slightly which would then cause the chain to come off as it followed the line from the pad(you still with me? ) ....any way...after much searching to find the actual name of the part I needed I ordered it off eBay, super quick delivery, but, before I go just taking it off....is it easy as it looks? Is there something I need to do to make it easier.... Not had a trial bike long and after trying to find a YouTube demo I found there's more to taking a back wheel off than I had originally thought! Any tips that will save me bother and expensive mistakes would be soundly welcome before I get stuck in to it ... Cheers
  2. I have been looking at getting some trousers for riding in. I don't really fancy forking out loads of money on the dedicated trials trousers, plus I'm not into all the colours, so wondered if any of you guys might have some tips for trousers? ...army surplus? At a classic trial a few years ago that I went to watch there was a guy wearing overalls! Thanks
  3. Thanks inchhigh...I will be calling them tomorrow morning and ask what my options are.
  4. After changing my oil today i quickly came to realise how much easier it would be with a bike stand. I have looked at the type that goes under the bash plate, but then the sump is covered ??? the other type i seen is the ones that goes under the swing arms but that one doesnt seem as if it will be much good at a trial on the grass??? Just wondering which you use and good or bad points you find with each type before i buy mine. cheers
  5. Just had a look on the sxs site. he has evo springs but no rev 3 springs that i can see.....are there any other sites worth a try? The pipe as a seal driver sounds like a good idea. smooth the end of rough edges. thanks
  6. I searched the forum for a post on changing fork seals on my beta but only found this http://www.shercousa...placement-1.pdf . Is the beta very different from the sherco? will i need a "fork seal driver" as is used in the link? Is there a more relevant link? Looking at the link i feel reasonably confident of being able to do the job but is it best left to a garage? If it will cost me less than £40 i think i would let somebody else have the hassle Also, while the forks are off i thought about putting stronger springs in as im a 125kg rider. is this worth doing? how much would the springs cost? I want to get her ready for my first outing on her next saturday at the project 200 course thanks as always guys
  7. Seen this and wondered if the price was correct??? seems a lot to me! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280830290123#ht_648wt_932 33 bids though
  8. My rear bearings need changing for the MOT. Is it a relatively easy job? will i need any special tools to complete? how long will it take? I am taking it into the garage for its mot and they could do it there for me, but if its easy and i can save myself
  9. To be honest I havnt looked. Too busy with work at the moment. It is something that I will definately be getting but not in a massive rush as I need more practise first
  10. oojudoo

    Rev 3

    Sorry, only just noticed this. it was
  11. oojudoo

    Rev 3

    Just picked my 2008 rev 3 up today..too dark by time i got home to try her though! quick question..fuel tap on position. is the arrow facing down or side ways for on position?
  12. Finally got a bike. A 2008 beta rev 3. Couple of questions. Has the carb problem been sorted on this age bike? Where is the best place to get a rear mudguard from? Thanks for your help guys PS. I'm just a bit excited
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