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  1. I experienced similar problems on my 06 300. Checked all the obvious. All OK. Ran it totally empty, cleaned everything out and changed my fuel/oil mixture slightly. Job done!
  2. Hi. I have an 06 300. Had my clutch out a few times. With the centre bolt out it should come off. might be tight on the bearings on the crank. I havent even got a centre bolt in anymore! I use Motul light gear oil. 400-450ml
  3. Look on YouTube for jim snell. I think its clutch video part 2. he shows you step by step what to check. you will see about finger height on there.
  4. Might sound silly but don't hold on so tight.
  5. Agree with Nelly ^^^. Same engine, steering and suspension even same keys. Just a different badge!
  6. They are renowned for hard starting. It's all in the technique. I had an 04 125-not a problem as you can imagine. Then I got my 06 300. Total different ball game! Had to have my mate hold it while I stood on pegs, making sure kickstart was at top and give it a good kick. I got a head spacer from trials enduro direct and it made a big difference. I can even start it mid section when I've fallen off now!
  7. Like it wants to die when you rev it. Are you pottering around in 1st? If so it will be jerky. Try 2nd or 3rd.
  8. Hi and welcome! Unless you've got misfires and bogging out its normal. The 280 is a monster, I have an 06 300 I find it easier to ride than my mates 04 280
  9. Did you refit the washer to the kickstart shaft? Check on the old cover, might be stuck on that still
  10. Im afraid theres definitely 2 needle roller bearings side by side that the clutch slides on over the crank. I remember it being a bit awkward to get tge clutch over both.
  11. There's 2 bearings that go on before the clutch goes on the shaft. Are they from there?
  12. Hi. You need to remove the cover again. Check that the release bearing is sat correctly on the slave cylinder top hat. I missed mine, pulled the lever and smashed it to bits. You could be lucky! also check that the small washer was on the kick start shaft. Next time use the drain bung underneath with a 5mm allen key. And you need 400-450ml of oil. People advise dextron 3 if using atf.
  13. Sounds like a silly question but the choke isn't on is it?
  14. It actually locks solid, once ive managed to stop the bike and let go of the bars I can open all fingers and itll bend ok then?? Its not painful just annoying
  15. Cheers Nelly! Yeah it locks out solid. Ive had a few near misses and a few 'collisions' Coming out of section, working clutch gently then released to power up hill. Couldn't pull back in at top. Launched bike 10ft into bushes snapping brake lever and bending fat bars. Cracking a few ribs too!
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