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  1. malj

    Ty175 Fork Question

    Think a post on a topic similar topic is on the site but could not find it so apologies before I start, Still have the standard 30mm TY forks on my bike but there in a right old mess, don't really what to fit larger forks, I ride easy and club mans routes and they do me fine. just had a price from phillpots to get them re-chroming and not much change from
  2. malj

    Ty Rebore

    Phoned Armstrong's up today, taking the barrel down during the week.
  3. malj

    Ty Rebore

    Need to get my ty175 rebored, can anyone give me details of places to get it done up in the north east/ Northumberland / Newcastle area Cheers mal
  4. It's a 2003 model, sorts the bottom end out a treat.
  5. Just installed a flywheel weight to my 280 pro fitted the gasket spacer, but the gear change lever clashes with the flywheel cover. I can fit the lever low pointing down at around 8 o clock position or high at the 11 o'clock position neither very good. Anyone no of a better fix or if another type of lever does the job. If the lever had been steel rather than alloy you could heat it up and bend it. Regards mal
  6. Phoned the guy up earlier today bought it for his son summer last year who then wanted a scooter. He rides enduro said trials not for him so it has to go.
  7. Managed to find a 2000 315in sheffield,
  8. Think your both right sensible money seems to head for the 315, now just have to find one.
  9. Ok I,ve tracked down a couple of bikes to have a look at for my first modern (ish) trials bike, 1997 Beta techno250 and a 99 315. From the photos I have seen the 315 has had a bit of use but has Been serviced and has new chain and sprockets The techno looks mint with very light use. I was only going to look at the 315, but for the sake of a gallon of fuel I may as well look at them both. Both bikes are under a grand with the techno 300 less than the 315. Anyway is there anything special I should look for in either bike and your recomendations.
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