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  1. I fitted a used small coil off I believe a Honda cb 125 with the number stamped on MP33 and it worked ok. hope this helps
  2. On the 2014 4rt there is a part listed on the parts book described as "orifice # 190" ,item 18,on the left crankcase drawing.This appears to be the only visable difference with pre 2014 engine crankcases.the part is priced at approx 50 euros.Is this part of the 2014 engine braking system?If so can it be addapted to earlier engines?
  3. thanks for report Ludde. Do you have any info relating to the engine breaking mechanism?I have a 05 4rt and keen to know if the mechanism,whatever it is,could be fitted or modified to earlier engines.Hope you are enjoying your new bike.(I'm enveous).
  4. One of the mods to the 2014 engine is a redesigned camshaft which is reported to reduce the engine breaking effect when throttle closes ( crankcase decompression). Will this new cam fit earlier models,if not would it need the new cylinder head to be fitted.
  5. I watched the world round on saturday at Nord Vue and witnessed many inconsistancies with observers marking, relating to non- stop rules. I've watched all the world rounds this year on sky,with similar observations. Observers are human ,yes they are,and consistancy is very very difficult to achieve. My dislike of the so called non- stop rule is that observers have a much bigger influence on where riders finnish in the results,and even who wins the trial. This cannot be good. Mike B
  6. Didn't get the chance to thank everybody that helped me after my crash.To everyone incl.,Iris[florance Nightingale] Gray (you are a jucky man John Gray),John,Ian,Ossy and many others.THANK YOU.Diagnosis is a torn shoulder tendan which will need keyhole surgery.
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