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  1. thanks for the excellent video,my son said it was good to see himself crash!!haha!"!nutter on the pushbike was my eldest son tony,made of rubber bones.haha great day out with my sons,my youngest on the sherco and me on my gas gas.no worries,just a good laugh and a fantastic day,small vid here of me and ben.
  2. bertuk


    ah right i see! on mine i have one on each end,good luck anyway!
  3. bertuk


    i got my rose joint/bearing from here> http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=150694080957 if he cant help ,remove it and measure it first,then match the size on a bearing supplier,to avoid paying "motorbike"prices which can be 400%+more.outrageous! another way is matching the number on the actual bearing and then use the above route.good luck.
  4. thats great!! the riders have nerves of steel,i was there with my son and grandaughter watching from the top,and made me feel quite wobbly looking down them slopes,let alone jumping up the logs and tyres!incredible!! ill be taking my bike there in 2 weeks and my son will be hiring,a great place indeed and great people too!! was nice to see my son briefly in the video too.cheers
  5. bertuk

    Ty175 Whitehawk

    should be fine now!!was the bike cheap to start with?
  6. me,and me youngest son ben (17) and grand daughter(3) went to a rrnd club trial last weekend,only a short video but quite nice when the g/daughter shows her concern at a fallen rider.
  7. keep it for ten years and it'll be worth twice that,a better investment than money!!
  8. in my 97 jtx i put 16ml per litre so 80ml per 5 litres,and as above the engine is sweet as a nut.
  9. bertuk

    Jtx270 1997

    another update sorted the stand now,has a 12mm bolt through it and the bike stands correctly.took it over fields for test ride today and it started first kick!excellent when you see all the work you put in pay off,all i need now is some boots and to find my open face hat and then everything is sorted.
  10. indeed its a great place to buy oils!! the mere mention of"its for a motorbike" sends the price up!! also after running the bike in the garden today the whole house smells like a motocross track.excellent!
  11. bertuk

    Honda Engines

    wont hurt to get a new chain anyway dave,they cost about
  12. bertuk

    Jtx270 1997

    thanks for the good wishes graham,anyway,an up date of sorts,got on with fitting the fork seals and reassembley this evening after work and also i thought id replace the dog bone bearings (
  13. bertuk

    Honda Engines

    hi dave by the sound of it i'd say its the camchain,**** easy to do on a single,i have a 27 year old xl600r and that started rattling,that was a camchain and again it was easy to do,oh and cheap too!!cheers
  14. came today via city link courier too.next day delivery.excellent!
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