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  1. Was anyone at the observers meeting at Nord Vue. If so, what were the instructions if it at all possible to publish? There is only one way to observe, and that is the correct way, whatever rule is set out on the day. Forget the lenient observer we hear about all the time. There is no such thing. Spoils good trials, including the SSDT. I read in this thread that the observer was consistent. (In under marking) You are not observing at a World Round to under mark. Consistency is marking correctly, giving the rider his actual score with the benefit of the doubt ALWAYS going his way. This was certainly missing last weekend. I do not mean to sound abrasive but we can not blame the rules for poor observing. Let’s try and make the effort. Then we can move on. Yes, Nord Vue for me. Everything is now in place so make the most of it. A superb venue and well managed. Am I going to observe next year, you’ll just have to wait and see!
  2. Seems we may be losing track a wee bit bringing Dougie into the topics. What can be done to operate a system of observing that will take away the controversy of undermarking the top riders at World level. The riders are in no way to blame for what marks they are given and they will accept all when a lower score is produced for them. I have failed to come up with a logical answer at this moment.
  3. All the controversy lies with the observing/observers. Yes, the riders/minders can see what score they get throughout the sections as the observers show this with a raised hand, fingers pointed and a whistle for a five. As there were two scores given at the sections I attended, that on the punch card seemed to be overlooked in favor of the written score. On four occasions the observers wrongly penalized three different riders. They, very politely discussed the error/errors made and rightly were re-punched with the correct score. However, when checking through the section scores on the results, all three were awarded the original decision score. Yes, I am aware the present riding rules need carefully looked at by the relevant authorities, but at the end of the day, the observers know what they are observing, and non stop means just that. Observe by the rules you have on the day and you will satisfy the majority.
  4. And not the only section he was wrongly treated!!. One the observers changed their decission and the other was, as i saw it, again changed until I looked at the results and scores. He was also very charming in his requests for fairness. I did however defend his point and thought we had won. Alas------------
  5. Yes in short. Oh, dinners on the table. But as long as all the entry in riding the section has finished the lap. This can happen at the end of each lap as it did on two sections I was at. Hope this helps.
  6. I believe training started yesterday in earnest at Cumbrian altitude.
  7. Some excellent posts to read. As I have said in the Penrith Observers thread, the present rule of non stop will never work at this level of competition. I will go even further and say it is a very unfair ruling both to riders/minders and also observers. It is very difficult to get the correct balance in place, weather it be in the construction of the sections or the severity of difficulty. 2013 has seen its fair share of controversy throughout the rounds, which in my mind is not good for the sport, therefore I would suggest, with total respect, that we return to the previous rulings, which would be in the best interest of all concerned.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyable three days. Very well organized. Sections expertly set out (Well done again Graham) and eased sufficiently to compensate for Sundays weather. I am in favor of the non stop ruling, but now unsure it works at this level of competition. It sounds pretty easy, non stop, if it is observed to the letter. With the world’s best on show, I would say this is near impossible. There has to be a consistency within each group of observers during the duration of the two days of competition which at times was not apparent and the spectators certainly showed their derision on numerous occasions during the weekend. The sport has certainly not benefitting from all the rule changes over the years and many top observers are now conspicuous by their absence nowadays. As an observer, I take a close interest in how and what is going on around me. I was at section 12 on lap 3 on Saturday and was shocked when the observer gave Jeroni a two for toeing out on top of the stump. This decision cost the lad a deserved podium on the day. I did not think this possible when both feet are flat on the rests. This is my opinion and its obvious others would disagree. However, the rider has to have the benefit of any doubt going in his favor on every occasion. Make the most of this superb venue!!!!
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