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  1. Saw it - but just too late as I ordered one from Lampkins as I need it for the weekend. Thanks for the answers.
  2. I need a replacement gear lever for my 2010 Evo 4T (splines worn) but the Beta price is £58 which seems a bit steep! Does anybody know if there is an alternative? Is there maybe a KTM one that fits? All suggestions appreciated.
  3. This reply might help, but not sure if the Evo 4T is a similar wiring loom? http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/50684-evo300-4t-fan-wont-run-help-needed-to-diagnose/
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Capacitors are on order! Mike
  5. At a trial yesterday, my 2010 Evo 300 4T was overheating and when I checked the fan, it was running very slowly with the bike at idle and when I revved it, the fan stopped completely. When the bike cooled down, the fan didn't start to run, which implies to me that the thermostat is OK. The fan can also be turned freely and there is no noise coming from it. Before the trial, I had removed the small covers on the frame to polish it, but I checked again and the wires don't seem to be trapped or damaged. Any suggestions on how to diagnose it or do I just need to buy a new fan assembly? Thanks
  6. I use one of the adaptors with a fixed swan neck and haven't had any problems carrying a Beta Evo 300 4T. The rack doesn't rock at all, but can rotate about the ball slightly (but can't go very far). This easily fixed with a rope or tie-down at each end of the bike up to the roof bars.
  7. It was a great event - thaks to all the organisers. Here's a few photos taken from my phone: What I really loved was listening to Raga's Minders - a Spanish lad bing heped by a Frenchman and a Yorkshireman - certainly a multi-lingual approach!
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