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  1. skyline1

    Bike Wont Start

    Sounds like a fuel starvation. Have you checked your fuel tank, lines for flow, float height on the carb & fuel tap. it sounds like you are getting some fuel to the float bowl but it can not be sustained.
  2. Here is a picture of mine.
  3. Got mine now, spot on & they fitted all the bling bits that I took with me. Great service by Acklams.
  4. skyline1

    Factory 2015

    Thanks Westygas. I have confirmation that mine is ready for collection today, which is good news. I replied to your message, I would be very interested in your answer. thanks.
  5. Picking it up today. Happy new bike day to me
  6. skyline1

    Factory 2015

    Good to know thanks. I am sure I can slow it down if I need to, I have a few tricks.
  7. You are so right there Steve. I am in Sales & customer relations. if I was to treat my customers this way, they would not be my customers for long. As it happens I phoned john Lampkin & they are arriving at his place on Thursday afternoon. Lets see how long it takes my supplier to let me know. they said they would phone me straight away once they arrive. John told me he had not phoned them yet but I am sure after I phoned him it would have jogged his memory.
  8. I guess they are all coming in to the uk through John Lampkins though so mine should be here at the same time as everybody elses, Right?
  9. All i can say at this time is a well known Beta dealer, I fear it would be taken in the wrong context if I named them. I have no issues with them apart from the lack of info but I understand that this may not be their fault. importing vehicles is a strange process.
  10. Hmm not realy, just says that there is one there for me when they come in & that he will call me. I have paid a substantial deposet already.
  11. Sorry, this is a re-posted question because i can not find my previous post. I am trying to find out when the next batch of Factory Beta Evo's are due to hit our shores? On the last post somebody mentioned the coming week? but then I also got told within the next 3 weeks? Has anybody got a definitive date please or a little insider information?
  12. skyline1

    Factory 2015

    Its given me time to sort out the colour match fork, frame& swing arm guards along with matching decals. I would not like to scratch my bike on the first time out. I have got my eye on a carbon exhaust guard & lots of bling. I am just waiting to get the ok that my bike is in the country & then I will order all the red shiny parts. to match the wheels. Even designed my own bespoke wheel rim stickers, oh my OCD has kicked in good style.
  13. skyline1

    Factory 2015

    oh I hope so! had my deposit down for about 8 weeks.
  14. Hi All I am involved with many plating companies for the disposal of their spent chemicals. shop around for prices, there are loads of plating companies. Some of them specialize in small restoration jobs & some of them are purely industrial. What I do know is the cost is mostly due to preparation of the parts, if you can prepare the part to the standard required to start the chemical cleaning process, this should save you a large proportion of the cost.
  15. skyline1

    Factory 2015

    Does anybody have any info on when the next batch of Factory Evos are due in the UK. I was told the 14th April but that date has been & gone with no sign of them yet. The excitement is driving me nuts.
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