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  1. watch this


    Interesting I have never heard this. My TSS has 2 plugs and a decompressor, The second plug fires 1/64th of a degree after the top plug the theory being with an oil rich mixture it is to ensure an efficient burn. it was a concept introduced by Alfa Romeo for their Grand Prix cars
  2. No its a Mod29 1969 350 although the cases in the picture are actually from a El Bandido Mod18 built into spare engine with TSS internals way back when. The El Bandido & TSS both shared the same cases and gear driven primary although that's where the similarities end. For the sake of originality I tend to race it with the 'Frankenstein' engine and keep the original on the shelf.
  3. I own an original TSS and unfortunately can confirm it has a 30mm spline. Although I'm sure a company like Talon could manufacture one to your dimensions. The other thing to maybe consider would be clutch, The TSS has a gear driven primary with a vastly heavier duty clutch over the chain driven Pursangs or Metrallas and even this struggles and slips with tall gearing
  4. Maybe I'm a little special? Ive never had an issue jumping from bike to bike, left or right gear shift, race pattern box or standard. Although I do have to admit to thinking for the first lap on my '68 TSS right hand shift and upside down, 1 up 4 down The most excitement for me comes from jumping from one of my modern bikes to an old bike and realising the brakes don't work!
  5. I am lucky to have an alloy one on my 199 and have never seen another. As said above far superior brake on the left being a direct rod rather than a cable
  6. Hi John, yep same bike sprint was only last year, I've been over to the mainland with it for a few race meets good fun little bike eh? I'm currently out of action with a hand injury so all my toys are tucked away, will hopefully have it out next year. Double entry for the hillclimbs for old times sake?
  7. Compact unit innit? Shame it never progressed. Looking closer at the Montjuic its interesting to note what a parts bin special it is, the frame looks very close to a TSS with additional bracing on the head stock and swing arm, the front and rear mudguards look like plastic items from a trials bike, air filter from a Metralla maybe? and very interesting to see they choose to leave the kickstart and clutch inspection cover (the TSS cases have neither its bump start only and no air filter), and most strangely the reversed gear-lever why no linkage like the TSS? The hole in the frame is there for it.
  8. I don't think the engine was any heavier maybe the bike as a whole. On the dirt bikes they would regularly crack gearwheels and shear crankshafts for the mkII's they did redesign the cush drive but it only slightly reduced the breakage issues, it is very rarely an issue with the road bikes so I assume it must be the constant knocks and chopping of gears on a dirt bike. I thought the engine died when Bultaco gave up on road racing and didn't realise the 400 was based on it, everyday is a school day! I only know all this because one of the few interchangeable parts between the TSS & El Bandido/Montadero is the clutch basket and I've been after one in good shape for years so I can build up a spare clutch, parts for these engines a few and far between now.
  9. The El Bandido/Montadero & TSS engines are actually stand alone in that they have gear driven primary not chain and have a central exhaust port rather than off to the right as all other Bultacos
  10. The Montjuic did share the El Bandido engine for reliability the TSS only shared engine cases and was in a much higher state of tune with a 5 speed box. I'm lucky enough to own and race a TSS
  11. watch this


    'Can O' worms' springs to mind!!! (no pun intended!) I really rate The Magicals, but would be very interested in what people think of OZO shocks that In Motion are selling, Are they rebadged Betors? as rumour would have it, or completely new, from the pictures they seem to have a resemblance to The Magicals.
  12. Bike first, Body second!!!
  13. Thats a bunch of air for any bike!!!
  14. The section didn't really allow for much run up, and we had a tight right turn immediately after. I cleaned it the lap before and after using 2nd gear, but that lap I chose 1st and just found a wrist full of wheelspin! We live and learn!
  15. Going! Going! Five!!!
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