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  1. The Vin/eng numbers, the stamped year on the rims and the gear selector drum are the only difference between the two models.
  2. Date for Montesa's is usually stamped on the Rims just the year only so If your wheels have been changed then this won't apply. I have a 1979 and a 1980 349's and both have correct year on the rims. Also your numbers suggest early 1980, and inside the clutch cover the selecter drum is different in a 1980 to a 1979, a 1979 has a post in the casing that the return spring fixes to and a 1980 has the post mounted in the selector drum. The 1980 is also packed about 5mm where the selector drum fits into the crankcase so it clears the centre casing bolt holding the crankcase together. 1979 1980 Part 5166.01302 belongs on a 1980 349 (late Mk1) 1979
  3. Montesa 349 1980

    anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1980 349 Cota? Jawno try replacing the crankcase seals if its hard to start and runs well then won't start over a period is classic of worn seals letting too much air in and not sucking the fuel in.
  4. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    remember you shop here at your own risk I have never purchased anything from here. Dr Nosh http://www.pedigree-automobiles.co.uk/montesa_for_sale.htm
  5. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    ok just went to put my white tank on my 1980 349 and it dosen't fit around the exhaust if I get a later model engine pipe will the tank fit on the early model 349???? Would i have to change the air box as well???
  6. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    You guys will notice I have picts of my bike and parts on two trials sites well I also advertised on a Montesa Board for parts so some fool has emailed me offering to sell me Montesa parts from the bikes he is stripping down, he sent me photos of the two bikes and the parts well to my surprise I already own these two bikes and parts what are the odds of all the bikes in the world the fool sends me photo's of my own bikes to sell to me what parts I needed. He is going by the name of Ian McKellen of Devon the United Kingdom. Dumber and Dumber but now we have the dumbest.
  7. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    WD40 displaces water so it doesn't trap water to your metal like oil & grease I have a 1985 push bike that is still like brand new because i coated with wd40 after each time i use it.
  8. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    remember to coat all new machined parts with wd40 to prevent rust when storing.
  9. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    I have tried to attach a 349 manual to this post hope it worked. manualcota349-4.pdf
  10. 248 Opinions Please.

    248 and 349 are the same except the 248 is missing 100cc
  11. Water In 2 Stroke Engine Help! Cota 247 1975

    I have heard of boat mechanics running boat engine's on a ethanol blend 10% as the ethanol mixes with the water and drys the engine out quickly.
  12. Water In 2 Stroke Engine Help! Cota 247 1975

    I once drowned my bike in flod water fished it out and it started first kick and the magneto pumped the water out through the breather on the magneto and it ran fine for 10 mins till I drowned it again then I had to push it 3k through flood water and then clutch started it and ran it dry again and it never missed a beat again that was way back in 1975/6.
  13. 349 Cota Rebuild Specifications.

    Just noticed in the Montesa Forum that I am "HOT" lol.
  14. Montesa 349 Piston

    these come in 83.40, 83.60. 83.80, 84.00, the macio 350 has the same piston.
  15. Cota 247 What Year And Frame Colour?

    August 1971 frame grey (look great in silverfrost)gear lever on right these have the round like engine casings, 1974 square casing no black writing on engine casing gear lever on left with grey frame 1975 Black frame engine has black background to writing writing on casing, casing alloy colour. 1975 Alf Karlson repilica model is same in the 247 till 1977 then 1978 has a different slim line tank and different front mudguard bracket like the 348 & 349's 1975 first proto type 348 in 247 frame and few changes, 1976 348 in 348 frame. 1979/80 mk1 black frame red tank 349, 1981 mk2 red frame white tank red background on engine casing for writing black engine, 1982 mk3 red tank/frame alloy barrels black cranckcase1984/85 MH349 red tank red frame red guards. Note 247 could have gear lever on either side early models as this was an option when requested. I personally preferred the right side gear change for some reason possibly because I am right handed/footed.