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  1. eugenevd

    Rear Mudguards 2012

    I found the other post you mentioned: http://www.trialscen...on-the-2013-4t/
  2. Ah, I suppose this ( '13 2t rear fender with airbox cover) would be possible on a '12 too?
  3. spoke to some guys in my club, no one seems to have the tyre on pipe issue at the front; just a rumor I suppose.
  4. eugenevd

    Rear Mudguards 2012

    @chuckindenver - thanks for that , the pictures illustrates the idea nicely. This is high on my todo list!
  5. I pulled the trigger on a 2012 Evo 250t this week. Been going over the bike this weekend, will give some feedback in a new thread.
  6. eugenevd

    2013 300

    Sorry bud, can't give you comparative feedback - never owned a GG. I just got the '12 Evo250t after a '04 Rev3, only ridden it about 30 mins and I'm already loving it.
  7. @crazy_dave - I've found in other threads people mention Engine Ice (among others) In other news, I sold the Rev3 and bought a '12 Beta 250t ! Spent the weekend taking it apart, will give some feedback in a new thread...
  8. Someone somewhere said something about the front tire rubbing against the header pipe when the fork is compressed?!
  9. thanks for the advice guys
  10. Any comments on the Vauxhall Vivaro?
  11. Hi trialsters, After realising I'm never gonna stop doing trials I'm thinking of upgrading my '04 Rev3 270 to a newer bike. I've been reading through the forums for comments and things to take note of about the various year models, and I've found some on the Evo '09/'10 [For example: Link 1]. Talk of rear wheel bearings, soft rear shock etc. Any advice /comments /suggestions on the 2t '11/'12/'13 models, whats good/bad/problems about them? handling characteristics? motor characteristics (I'm aiming for a 250)? working on the bike I mean, comparing models, so should I rather go for an 2012, or a 2011...etc..., anything a pain / better one year over another? [1] http://www.trialscen...ow-please-help/
  12. eugenevd

    Rear Mudguards 2012

    Whats the latest? Any conclusions as to what can be done, fixes to be made, replacement guards that has flex in them, certain year models?
  13. Hi trialistas, In my continued hunt to find the reason why my engine running so hot ( http://www.trialscen...it-05-rev3-270/ and http://www.trialscen...ns-a-beta3-270/ ) I've starting taking apart the bike again to see if I have blockage somewhere because everything else seems fine. When I took off the cylinder head I found these strange combustion/burn patterns (underside of head) and what looks to me like some sort of "blow by" past the head gasket. Now, when I last assembled the head I used a brand new gasket and I torqued the bolts to the specs given by the Beta manuals. Can anyone explain these? Does it have a correlation to my hot running engine? Thanks Album with more photos:
  14. Forum Post: http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/44504-rev3-cylinder-head-gasket-blow-by/
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