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  1. I didn't get across the line on my 500 Ariel (but that's not unusual the way I Perform) - Boo Woo Merry Christmas Magnon
  2. I sold my standard and original RS250T about 3 years ago for
  3. Hi Bob, happy to provide any info and help I can so just ask. Tried as best I could keep silhouette like original but did use modern geometry. You need 350cc Ariel bottom end with std conrod (85mm stroke) and Yamaha xt350 piston (86mm). I can put you in touch with the ally barrel maker. Many people have ridden it including Mick Andrews and Sammy Miller it would be fair to say all were very complimentary. Mick, tested it for Classic Dirtbike Issue Five along with my mates AJS. Yes it turns tight without tucking or pushing, engines a bit sharp off the bottom, so I'll either drop the compression from 6.2:1 or retard ign again. It might be easier to PM me. Magnon
  4. Should start by stating I am not a top rider, but do enjoy engineering and making things. I built this over 18 month period, finished it in May 06 497cc short stroke, fixed ign PAL mag, villiers S22 carb now fitted, tooth belt drive mag and primary Made the frame from T45 18 gauge, bronze welded. Fork gaitors now fitted and bike looks better because of them. Bike ready to run with fuel weighs 205lbs Whitton yokes and hubs used. Done Scotland & Robregordo once, Manx twice + many local trials and the frames not bust yet !!! John Bartrum was building frames and modifying the Ariel swinging arm to suit, think cost was @
  5. Yep BJ is correct its a PAL mag used by speedway and grasstrack bikes in days of old. They are used on big singles (fixed timing point), they can be used as standard i.e. self generating and the spark is triggered by points, they do use a HT coil. A chap by the name of Fred Stonham did convert them to power and trigger his black box (Interspan) these have a range of advance curves which can be selected by the use of an external switch. I enquired a couple of years ago and the cost was about
  6. Link to 200 additional pics posted ... See www.poacherspre65trials.co.uk Then 'Cadwell Pictures' Magnon
  7. Hi isaacely Great set of photographs, thanks for coming today and posting you pics for all to see. 119 riders started, full results will be posted soon. Magnon
  8. Well Billy, I've had a bit of a shock, the Calf pain turns out to be suspected DVT so from Monday I
  9. Billy, thanks for the foc consultation service you
  10. Hi fellow TC riders in various states of disrepair and lameness. I also damaged my left knee back in 2002 skiing. The French piste quack diagnosed torn medial ligament, but as time went on and the instability remained I got to see a specialist at my local hospital who felt with physio and ultrasound treatment the ligament would repair. 5
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