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  1. I'm only a newbie to trials riding but I bought the Sidi's. They are awesome. Really comfortable and easily adjustable on the clips. I haven't had any issue with wet feet either but just in case I treated the stitching to a small amount of 'Dubbin' to protect the stitch line a bit more. At the end of the day it's a personal choice and I'm convinced (as is the same with helmets) that one make may suit one individual more than another. Both makes look good but I chose the black Sidi model as I'd had Sidi's for years when I had road bikes.
  2. Thanks everyone, some useful thoughts and suggestions for me to ponder. I always use a decent helmet (Hebo Zone 3) and gloves and have invested in some proper Sidi Trials Boots (only really because I was used to the comfort of Sidi when I had road boots for the R1). I have looked on eBay for ideas and quite like the look of the EVS RS8 knee protection. I've looked at most things from individual protectors for arms, legs, back etc. as well as the mesh type with built-in protection and back protector. There's just so much choice it's almost confusing beyond belief. I agree with the 'confidence' that protection can give you (even if it's all in the mind). I'm also mindful that ill-fitting equipment can be as dangerous as not wearing the stuff. I'm hoping to attend my first trial on the 8th December with Mansfield Maun club so I've got a bit of time to make a final decision. Either way, I think it might be the white or yellow route I attempt first. I've only been practicing in a mate's field with some off-cuts of logs (I'm going over stuff about one to two feet high at the moment) and would prefer to enjoy my first trial instead of scaring myself stupid. It's quite ironic that 180mph on a race-prepped R1 didn't phase me at all, but going over a two foot log at less than walking pace appears like a mountain to me at the moment
  3. Hi All I'm after a bit of advice please. Being new to Trials at the age of 44, I was wondering what your thoughts were about personal protection in the form of Body Armour, knee braces etc. I've got a cracking pair of trials boots and helmet, clothing etc but I was thinking of some form of body protection from rocks etc. Whilst learning in a mates field I came off and really winded myself so was fearing the worst for future ventures when I become more experienced and adventurous. Other than the obvious benefit of added protection do you find it cumbersome and a little 'over the top' for Trials? I'd be interested in your thoughts and recommendations for make, model etc for any Body Armour you may use. Thanks very much, regards Tim
  4. I was told you don't need a reflector for a day time MOT if the bike hasn't got lights fitted. If it has lights you need a reflector, if not, you don't. Horn can be battery operated so long as it has a continuous tone (i.e not an old fashioned horn that you squeeze). Ironically a speedo isn't required for MOT but you 'd be breaking the law to ride on the road without one. I was advised to get a wireless, battery operated mountain bike speedo (available on eBay for about 6 to 10 quid). Good thing about this type is they unclip when going off road but please Mr Plod if you get stopped. Either way, I'd check with your local MOT tester as from experience they all seem to interpret the regs slightly differently.
  5. Hi All Just a courtesy message to introduce myself to the Forum. I'm Tim from the Nottingham area, new to trials (after giving up the R1) as it's something I wish I'd had a go at years ago. I've now got a Gas Gas Raga 300 so I'm looking forward to getting some practice in. I'll no doubt have some newbie style questions at some point so would appreciate a bit of advice now and again if you don't mind? Be gentle with the replies please Regards Tim
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