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  1. Random fotos from the last couple of months of the lads bikes
  2. Thanks everyone! Just ordered the low compression gold insert this morning, i believe the dellorto carb may need tweaking a bit also and that should help! Cheers
  3. Ive read about this previously, was hoping the previous owner would have looked into it, apparently puttig a keihin carb on the bikes help aswell
  4. Hi, ive just purchased a feb 2014 jotagass 300 from a rider whos owned it from new, great bike however it seems to have a metallic knock or pinging noise from the cylinder during mid to high range revs when bikes under load, such as climbing, no really noticeable when ticking over even when reved, just obvious when riding, has anyone got or had similar problems with there jotagas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Id of been happy with a 125 to start of with, but my mates pretty much gave me the sherco, he ex mountain bike trials and haven bikes have just sponsored him so hes now on an ossa, just wish i had more time to ride as once a week doesnt seem to be enough to get any progression
  6. haha thanks everyone, I know the sherco's a bit of a handful at mo! and with me working away a lot im not getting to ride as often as id like, but im throwing myself in the deep end whenever I get the chance!
  7. Hi im jay, live in wallasey on the wirral, recently bought a 2013 sherco st300, nice bike but im a little behind in terms of skill, but im sure in time ill pick it up, anyone local to the wirral drop me a messag some time, cheers.
  8. Hi, bit off the subject but still tyre related, i have a 2013 300st sherco, im running a mitchelin on the rear and have just found a tear about 20mm in length in the side wall, are the walls patchable, ive only ridden on the tyre a handfull of times so dont really want to replace it, sorry if its a silly question in pretty new to the scene, thanks.
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