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  1. I bought it off Duke a few years ago on video. It was held at Bainbridge.
  2. This is about the best I can do for now. This one has the gear change on the left hand side. It is a very early 1980 pre-production bike.
  3. Steve Goode should be able to help. Google him for contact details. From memory I am using BP5ES in mine. Pretty certain Bulty coil is the same, Dave Renham or Steve Goode might know for certain. All the best!
  4. Watch Bernie tackle "Bloody Hell" at the 82 British World round, and you'll see he really was soemthing special. No tricks, pivots, stops, just total commitment to the clean. Whenever I start to lose heart, I watch that ride and all becomes clear again.
  5. Italjet 350T : The best twinshock in the real world!
  6. Brilliant pictures! Many thanks for posting them up. The early bike does seem to have an Italjet engine, albeit with different side cases. I would say with 100% certainty that it isn't a Bultaco engine with Italjet cases, as the kickstart lever is definatley on the RHS. Also, the hexagonal effect of the crankcase is replicated on the Italjet outer case, suggesting that the engine was modified from the Ducati dies from the outset. The rear exhaust box looks to be a modified Bultaco one. The frame of the earliest bike looks to be Bultaco, as does the swinging arm. The frame downtube by the kickstarter has the Bultaco bend quite clear, whereas the later bike (with the green cases) has the Italjet frame with straight rear downtubes. The first two Bernie photos are what appear to be the earliest bike he had the good run on, with possibly Bultaco rolling chassis, the last two are the "production" bike he disliked, and used from late 1980 to mid 81. My bike is identical to the bike in the last two pictures, with single outlet exhaust, right hand gear change etc.. This differs in many ways to the "over the counter" bike which was available from Mid 1981 on (after Bernie had switched to SWM). The frame and tank are different etc. All good stuff!
  7. This is good info! Is there any way to chase it up? The cases definately look like they have ITALJET wording on them. It still doesn't explain the RHS kick start that can clearly be seen in the photo though! The bottom frame tube where the front engine mount picks up looks more Italjet than Bultaco as well. If he won 6 world rounds on that bike, there must be some more photo's of it surely?
  8. I've just noticed, if that bike is a Bultaco painted green, how does it manage to have a right hand kickstart? There is more to this than meets the eye. Anyone with any info or pics?
  9. We need photos! Surely a run of 6 world rounds on a brand new bike got someone reaching for the camera? Even if it was a Bulty, there must have been some interest in it. This is the only pic I can find of the "green bulty" apart from the brochure shot...
  10. Do you know what engine the "green Bultaco" had? the photo's show Italjet writing on the primary case, but I can't workout what it is. How much of a Bultaco was it? There was a story that it had "Bultaco 1980" on all the bolt-heads... The front brake certainely looks Bultaco. See the picture of him on it on the brochure shot balancing. As far as I can tell, that bike is the "green Bulty".
  11. Could be, but wasn't Bernies run on the Italjet pretty impressive? Something like 4 world rounds one after the other? If the prototype Italjet was only a green painted Bulty it might explain things. The move to the production version in 81 was what caused him to move away from Italjet. The only pics I have of the one he had his run on don't give much detail away. Certainly by '81 he was on a more or less standard bike...
  12. I can see clearly now! Great pics! Anyone have any of Bernie at work? I'd love to see the early "Bulty" version in particular...
  13. I can't see anything. Is it just me? Tantalising...
  14. That hole is for when you have the gear lever on the right hand side (and the brake pedal on the left), which is my prefered set up. The brake pedal interferes with the kick start, and the right hand brake uses a cable, which is not as good as the rod when on the left. Coming from a 350 Enfield, it was much easier too! The only downside is that the gearchange loses some of it's precision. So don't worry, there is nothing missing from your bike. You may need to plug it up if oil is leaking though. You'll notice there is a core plug under the kickstart, which is where the gearlever comes through if using right-hand side change. I don't think any of the Italjet parts are Bultaco, apart from the the common Betor suspension bits. Bernies very first prototype may have been more Bultaco based, but can only find two pics of that one, and they are both poor. Does anyone have any more Kermit pics please? Cheers
  15. ANY side cases will fit ANY 250 or 350, so no problems there. Steve Goode has some new ones, have a look on ebay for betatr250 (I think), or google his name, that should lead you to him. He is a decent bloke, and will sort you out with what you need. I don't think he has any green cases left, just bare ali ones. With Bernie, I think the prototype Italjet was good (hence the initial successes), the production version he was made to ride wasn't as good, so the early rounds in 1981 he struggled with, resulting in him jumping ship to SWM mid-season. I personally prefer riding my Italjet to the equivalent Bultaco (which we also have), but I'll probably be pilloried for this statement. A lot of people who knock them forget that 28 years on, there is little difference in all the bikes, it's now down to what condition and state of preparation each bike is in, and more importantly, how good the individual rider is! These are the views of a GENUINE heretic, so treat them with huge PINCHES of SALT!
  16. Your bike is 1981. 1982 MY had Marzocchi forks, white tanks etc. This one is identical to my VERY early one that I use all the time...1980. And this may even be my bike, as it is identical in detail...taken from a French test Dec 1980. This one is the "production" version. Note the differences in the frame (especially shock absorber mounts), tank (prototytpe is fibreglass hand made, production is blow moulded) exhaust totally different. This is the 1982 model...
  17. It looks to be a 350, as the crankcases are green. (250's were black) The engine No. is by the kickstart, it will be T3 for 350, or T2 for 250. All 250's and 350's had the same exhaust. The VERY early 350's had a single outlet, production versions had the type yours has.
  18. All good stuff Paul! I hope you get the side panels done too, mine are very poor, and off a later white bike! I'm not sure about being the only Kermit rider in the UK, there must be someone else somewhere, surely? PLEASE don't let me be the only one!!! I forgot to mention my dad has a 4-stroke scott as well, but he needs a crankshaft to finish it off!
  19. Great stuff! Yes, I'd love two sets please if you get some made! I'll keep my eyes peeled for your mudguard. Steve Goode is always worth a shout 01939 850544 Your rough running may be crank seals if the bike hasn't had much use. Bear in mind that you can't get gasket sets, so you'll end up making your own, and the one between the crankcases is ESSENTIAL to avoid air leaks. I know, from BITTER experience! Your photo's are superb, I'm loving the Bulty. How do you find the two back-to-back? We have a 199a, and I prefer the kermit! One thought with the kickstart failure, the rear brake pedal gets in the way of the kickstart pedal. I have right hand gear lever, with a left hand rod for the rear brake. I wonder if it affects early failure?
  20. Nice work Sir! If you find any tank badges, grab a pair for me too please! I think the rear mudguard is correct though, so don't bin that. I have one identical to your bike, and an earlier hand-made prototype (possibly ex-works). I use mine regularly, that's what they were made for. You can put the kickstart shaft failure down to poorly set up bikes that won't start first or second kick. Any more than three kicks, stop and investigate. I also leave mine running all the time, so I'm not starting it after every section. Increases the life of the shaft, I suppose. I'm sure at some point, one of mine will go, and I'll get a batch made up. I'd probably need about ten firm requests to make it viable. I know everyone takes the p*** out of them, but I DO find it easier to ride than our 199A Bulty. It's lighter, lower, more ground clearance, and less of a fight on the bars. There are faults (gear selection, kickstart shafts, final drive wear), but when it's right, they are a strong bike. Get out and prove to all the doubters that Green is Good! Tommo
  21. Hello all, just rode Pa's 350 Bulty 199 (1979) in a trial at the weekend, and i'm still suffering with left arm tiredness (boo hoo) The clutch is really heavy (and virtually useless). Any pointers or tips? The Italjet is having a bit of a rest, so I'll use the Bulty for a couple of trials. Cheers
  22. I'll second that! Thanks R2W! Does anyone know who owns the rights to the show? Apart from the 1982 British World round at Bainbridge, I can't find much more twinshock action. There is a bit of Fantic stuff I remember seeing, and an American clip, but the Kickstart show would round it all up nicely! I used to have a video of the British Experts early eighties (1982?, held at Hawkestone Park), I was under the podium, grinning and waving like a teenager does). I think Steve Saunders won on an CCM/Armstrong, but could be wrong. I remember there was a CCM B50 sidecar outfit that did really well too! I'm sure the video got taped over (Delia Smith probabaly), but I may come across it one day! Thanks all!
  23. Spot On!!!!!!!!! I've been looking on Youtube, but seen this Google one! Great stuff. I loved this show. Best thing that was around at the time! The SWM's sound good too, but the Honda is the Daddy! Thanks for the link!
  24. Hey all, did anyone catch Pegg & Frost's Perfect Night In, on C4 last night? About 5 minutes of Kickstart, including interview with P Purvis, and some great action from JR on a nice Beamish (chin strap present). It must be the holy grail for us saddoes, does anyone have any of the early shows? Can we canvass the TV companies for a re-run? Any media types with contacts down in that London? Lets have it!!! All the best, Tommo
  25. The guy on the Bultaco is "Local Ace" Roy Morris. The bike was provided by ER Williams of Mold. Roy still thrashes us all, on a Cub now!
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