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  1. Yes the engine cases are the same as this ducati
  2. I'm using grimeca on my159 bultaco build that were sourced from a SWM chassy, they are lighter , I used the same set up on my old beta and all was good, I agree on the yz brakes being good but I think the hubs are big and heavy, my '85 cota wears 1976 CR 125 hubs, they are small, light and powerful, also there is a good selection of brake shoes and sprockets available for the CR.
  3. Good subject starter, I think that until they get rid of the minimum weight rule, (not likely any time soon) advancement seems to have halted, the new bikes are very good and easy to ride, I would like to see electronic on the fly adjustable suspension, this is not something that I would think would appear on a club level bike, MX in the US is kind of in the same boat, development is stifled by competition rules that limit minimum weight and an unfair advantage of a 250cc 2T in the same class as a 450 4T, I personally believe the factorys could build a more competitive super bike that is extreemly light and powerfull if the rule makers would remove the constraints and allow anything the engineers wanted to try, (like in the old days) trickle down technology will show up on production equipment and in our hands after a few years if it is viable.
  4. It's a series 4 Miller frame, the best in my opinion of the Miller frames, the center of gravity is low compared to the later model high boy frames, it's using a model 92 320 cc engine, it works surprising well, the yokes at modified to allow adjustment of the fork height. A lot of work and planning went into this build, some of the parts I had been collecting for 25 years or more. I got the frame only recently and am happy with the result.
  5. I will be soon, did you ride the Houston event? Will try and make the event in June, I have not been able to ride much since I got the bike back together, it is working surprisingly well, still a few bugs to sort out.
  6. Been working on this, came out pretty good
  7. if FIM does it then NATC is always next, I f*%$ing hate no stop, so hard to judge, even harder to ride, we already tried this in the '90's, it made the sport stupid, think I'm done with trials. ...yep mothballing the bikes for now, if its sorted out in 5 years I might try again
  8. its been years but I was thinking mine just spun out with having to hold it, if I remember the beta which had payoli's too , I put the spring in the other fork to hold the damper rod in place untill I could get the bottom bolt out, which some genius had locktighted in place
  9. Seals can get stuck, especially when they have been in there a few years, yes slide hammer action for both sides, may need to heat the aluminum a bit to help loosen the seal, if the fork tube pulled through and left the seal, look at your bushing, it may have damaged it when it went through the bottom washer. Use a couple of tire irons or other flat tool to pry out the seal, take care to not put too much force on the fork leg.
  10. The 123 and 200 are very light, they came right at 173 lbs. The rims and spokes are weak, they benifit greatly from a carburetor upgrade. Fun bikes, easy to ride, almost light as a modern bike, add quality shocks and well tuned forks, its a winner.
  11. flip the rear engine mount over if it doesn't fit, its hard to tell which way it goes unless you mark it when you remove it, sounds like your swingarm is bent?? not sure what you are trying to measure?
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