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  1. If you're desperate to put a speedo on, you could always fit a digital bicycle computer.
  2. I ended up having mine ceramic coated black as I couldn't get the colour right! But take a look at the photo - this is PPG Peugeot 1718 EEK - to me that looks right (or as close as makes no difference).
  3. You could contact Bob Dixon at www.adventureride.co.uk, He runs a fleet of Pamperas, so might be able to help or point you in the right direction.
  4. Has anyone any idea when the FIM post next year's outdoor dates?
  5. Got one of the few 200's that made it to the UK (6 I was told). Just use it for pottering about on, but it is a capable bike in the right hands. I ditched the 13t engine sprocket and replaced it with a 9t one - top speed is now about 45mph but its more tractable on rougher stuff. S3 make a titanium front pipe that does away with the muffler - it's not cheap though! UK importer is John Shirt Jr., they do a good mail order service and are at www.trialendurodirect.com, www.trialsuk.co.uk are also very good. As for tyres, I'd like another set of wheels, one for trail tyres and one for trials tyres (Michelin X1).
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