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  1. Hi there, can anyone recommend a MOT centre in Glasgow area who can MOT my TY250 on a daytime only test. I'm being told that these tests don't exist anymore but there must be a way around it? Thanks
  2. Do I need a rear brake light for a daylight MOT?
  3. Mines a 2001 321 txt and it sound the same as well! I've heard its typical for them to have a knock noise, but would like to know why and try to sort it though. Any suggestions anyone?
  4. Thanks for the advice, I just need to keep an eye out for the parts, unless anyone knows where I can get a hold of front end of a Yz. Cheers
  5. Hi there. I've recently picked up an 85 TY250 mono and I'm thinking about putting a disc conversion to the front end. I've trawled ebay but there's nothing kicking about. Can anyone recommend a particular conversion or solution and where i can get one from. Reading between the lines the disc and drums are pretty much the same in the dry but I live in Scotland and not afraid to get wet so hopefully the difference in wet conditions would be worth the conversion. Cheers.
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