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  1. Having a hard time getting high octane fuel. What's the best way to drop compression a bit?
  2. I don't know if you can buy it outside of the States but GM Auto Trak II transfer case oil is great in the clutch. Smooth as glass.
  3. oldnslo

    315R Knocking.

    Adrian said it was. I have no idea myself.
  4. oldnslo

    315R Knocking.

    100ll won't cause any issues with fouling or anything? Going up a bit on the pilot sounds like a good idea. I'm much more familiar with PWKs then the oddball on this bike. I may try a PWK28 on it just for the tuning. I was going to sell it about a year or so ago. Still has nubs on the tires. Adrian at Lewissports said it was the last 315r imported into the US. I've been riding a 500exc and a Beta 300rr for a while but I think I can start riding it again.
  5. oldnslo

    315R Knocking.

    I live in Kansas and that statement is not true. The true culprits are actually the big food corporations like Archer and Cargill (just wait, Monsanto is after you guys too). Anyway, this isn't a political forum. I have a bit of an issue with fuel additives because I have the long range fiberglass tank. I didn't run ethanol because of this but I've moved to an area where I have no choice. I'm using Startron fuel additive to reduce the lilihood of ethanol damaging the fuel tank but that still leaves me with octane issues. Most additives have some form of alcohol in them, the last thing I need. Because of meth producers toululene and zylene are a tad more difficult and expensive to buy now too. It seems a mod to the bike is a good solution.
  6. oldnslo

    315R Knocking.

    Good fuel is very hard to come by in my area. Any easy way to reduce knocking? The only ones I can think of is adding base gaskets or retarding timing. Thanks.
  7. oldnslo

    04 315 value.

    It's in perfect condition sitting in my basement. Adrian said it was the last one imported. I also have the larger gas tank and seat. Unfortunately I had a really bad get off on a 450exc and can't ride the Montesa any more. I finally got back into riding with a GasGas EC300 but trials bikes are now ruled out.
  8. oldnslo

    04 315 value.

    Anybody have an idea what an 04 with about 2 hours on it worth?
  9. I did a search but couldn't find an answer. I'm looking at a Michelin X-11 tubeless tire and an X-11 tubed tire. For the life of me I don't really see a difference. Somebody please educate me, what is the difference? Thanks.
  10. I'm assuming it's a dollar/euro thing. When I was in Z
  11. oldnslo

    Ec300 Enduro

    I know this is a trials forum but anybody know where to buy Gas Gas enduro parts from? I'm looking for a headlight assembly for an 07 EC300. The US models don't come with the street legal bits. Unlike the trials bikes the GG dirtbikes are kind of scarce here. Thanks, Bill.
  12. Not to be a spoil but who cares what it looks like? How does it perform? That's all that matters.
  13. If nothing else it's amusing reading you guys. Bag of old spanners for an engine indeed. Your friends in the US aren't nearly as creative in our descriptions of things. On topic. If this bike is anything like the Chinese enduro bikes sold in the US then it won't be worth the air in the tires.
  14. I've toured an old Minuteman base in Missouri. It would make a really cool house but wouldn't work so well as a practice area. http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/facility/whiteman.htm
  15. I really hate to admit this but my 04 315r looks MUCH worse than that. For that matter it looked worse than that six months after I got it. My skills might be slightly suspect.
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