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  1. Brilliant, thanks for your help and apologies for being a bit of a dunce about all this! I'd rather it was right from now on rather than whatever has gone on in the past with the bike... Cheers
  2. Hi Oni Nou, I've been to Ebay 3 times now and all I get is pages of K Seal permanent coolant leak sealant, even when I've tried variations of the description, so gave up. I have found something on Amazon at the moment which is a blue bottle with permanent on the label, so I've ordered that, it's from Italy as well, so maybe this is the only place to get it from. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Everything-Else/BARDAHL-Permanent-Special-Speciale-Radiatore-Circuiti-Raffreddamento/B00TH3LWNK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487765041&sr=8-1&keywords=bardahl+permanent I'll compare the two when they arrive. I have a use for the pink stuff if it's not right anyway so it's won't be wasted
  3. Thanks dadof2, the bike had a pink fluid in it, which when I drained it, there were plenty of black floating pieces in it, so I'll have to keep an eye on the water pump now I guess, hopefully they are just goo generated over time as I suspect this bike hasn't seen a service in quite awhile... I found the Bardahl stuff thanks to oni nou and his comment about the powerenhancer website, so it's on order. I think it's this one: http://www.powerenhancer.co.uk/bardahl-type-d-pink-anti-freeze-5-litre.html. Bardahl do a good page with some info here: http://www.bardahl.nl/en/background/coolants/ Oddly none of them mention the word 'permanent' in their descriptions of the types of coolant, so that's a bit of a guess. the bike takes 600ml, so with 5ltrs I can flush it through a couple of times now anyway Cheers for the help guys
  4. I did have a mooch and never came up with owt, hence the question on here... I never found the powerenhancer distributor though, so thanks for that, the issue seems to be with the magnesium casings, the coolant molecules vibrate and cause holes in the casing allowing outside water in, so any specific magnesium stable coolant will do the job according to Martin at MHB Motorcycles in Kirby Stephen, so I'll see what else is out there as well... thanks for your help...
  5. Hi All Anybody recommend a place where I can get the Bardahl Permanent Coolant for the 2010 290 Evo? It's the recommended coolant and it seems to not be available in the UK. Cheers
  6. Ok so the resolution for this brake problem seems to be found at Trials & Tribulations now... there is a replacement AJP rear brake set up now available to replace the Hebo four pots... that's the good news... the bad news is it's £185.00! http://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=83&products_id=1816 I've ended up taking the brake's to a mate who rather heavy handedly drilled through the bottom of the bleed hole and into the edge of the piston. Bugger that's that knackered then!! Hey ho... So as the front brakes are knackered too on this bike this is going to be an expensive repair or I break it for the spares... teach me to look at the bike properly next time and don't buy someone else's ***** left overs!! Cheers for the help everyone
  7. floydbassman - thanks for the tip about the seal kit at T&T I just ordered some, Did your pistons come out easy? mine are being a pig, (I've left the bike for a month now as got frustrated with no progress)... Have been investigating having a new bracket made to fit another type of caliper, maybe a 2 pot AJP, but not got very far... the ones off a JTX of the same year don't fit at all despite looking like they will... I've sorted new o rings out from a friend in the trade, but couldn't sort out the internal seals, so that's now sorted with the T&T kit... next up try to get the pistons out and fit the new kit!
  8. here is the pic of the rear tyre.. its a Michelin X11 run at about 3-4psi in the wet, 6 in the dry, no issues in the dry ever, but nightmare on wet grass and mud... I'll check rear shock settings but its pretty soft so then it's more practice required me thinks!
  9. Clean out the internal filter on the carb to, it's behind the inlet from the fuel tank, a 10mm spanner opens it up and its an easy check... new one is a couple of quid from Splatt Shop if it is damaged. see attached pic
  10. Hi All Just curious about what others are running on 290 sprockets? I'm finding that whenever I do a steep or muddy uphill, the back wheel spins up and I either come to a stop or slide away to one side... Now some of it is definitely me and my novice experience but I don't have the same problem on an enduro and its not all the tyres... so gearing is the next thing I was thinking of unless others have any suggestions?
  11. I've managed to drill it and get an M8 heli coil in, need to find a bleed nipple to fit it now and then test it... the pistons aren't coming out with air but were moving a little with fluid, so I'll sort the nipple then bleed the system and see if I can get them out, maybe even replace them if they don't clean up nicely. The Spat Shop does the right size ones as a service part. If that doesn't work, I may be back in touch Totty79 for the one you have... cheers
  12. Cheers guys that's all really useful... Thanks
  13. Anyone know where I can get one of these from... the bleed nipple has seized inside and won't come out. drilled it and tried to extract it.. no luck.... caliper bolts corroded in so suspect this is the same... Haven't found a replacement online so far, anybody know where to get one from please? Cheers
  14. hey phil, thought I'd say hi... I spend a bit of time with family near balsall common & often bring my sherco 290 with me, I haven't found many places to practice locally so interested to find out some more from you... I also ride the lanes, but mainly up north as I live in the lakes... I'll be back up north this weekend but back down next week, so can get out to play sometime if your around... I'll also bring down my dirtbike as I'm looking at the local lanes for a play too.. cheers steve
  15. sstout

    2002 290 Coil Wiring

    Cheers Lineaway, that sorted it, nice fat spark again now... picture of correct wiring sequence below for future reference!!
  16. Hi All Does anybody know the correct order for the wires that go onto the coil... I took them off to access the filler cap on the radiator & forgot to take a picture of them, I've put them back but now there is no spark on either the new or old spark plug... I've put them back Red, Green, White, Black going left to right as you look at the front of the bike... I'll get the wiring the right way round, then I guess it'll be check the plug lead etc... Cheers & Happy New Year all...
  17. Hi Folks, thanks for the info, I've made a temporary repair with some tube rubber & some foam, I'll buy some of the EPDM rubber as suggested, then if that don't work I'll start looking for a new tank... Really appreciate the time you guys took to reply... thanks very much & happy New Year to you all...
  18. Hi all I've just bought a Sherco 290 2002 model, the fuel tank had some black goo around the petcock, as it was leaking a lot, I decided to scrape it off to see what the problem was... turns out the tank is made of a soft plastic/polythene & the petcock doesn't sit flush against the tank base. As the plastic is pretty flexible, (it flexes more at one end than the other & has a bow in it). Does anyone know of a way to seal this? some type of polythene glue etc?? Cheers Steve
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