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  1. sp1

    Scorpa Fork Seals

    This is what I used as a guide. I got putoline 'something or other' 5w oil.
  2. sp1

    Scorpa Newbie

    What two stroke mix are you using? And what 2t oil? Mix and quality of oil makes a big difference I find.
  3. Getting more confident and attacking higher obstacles...
  4. I can't recommend Stu highly enough... http://www.trials-school.co.uk
  5. Hi, I'm interested in this, how much would the acu membership or day pass cost please? Thanks, Phil
  6. Good video, as I've not done a club event yet it's interesting to see the type of thing I'm likely to encounter, huge range of talent too
  7. That's next week Give me chance, I only got the bike at the end of January...
  8. Me doing some log practice last weekend.
  9. I found practicing basic trials at a quarry on my 450 ktm gave me so much more confidence on the trails, especially in deep mud, while the fast guys are starting, stopping and paddling through but going as fast as they can, I'd be going as smooth as possible without a dab, once you get confident in mud with balance, throttle and clutch control, you're on to a winner. I can jump logs, do drifting etc on my ktm, but once I get on the trials bike then, it feels like a bmx so the two bikes/disciplines compliment each other in my opinion.
  10. That's pretty impressive and doing it while vertical too
  11. If you take your own trials bike it's £100 for the day including lunch, if you use his bikes it's £150 plus an optional £25 damage waiver.
  12. Myself and 5 others did a days training at Stu Days trials school yesterday, what a fantastic day it was. I only got a bike at the end of January so didn't have much experience, but the day started with the basics and by the end we all left with much more confidence and a real understanding of how things should be done not how we think it should. Stu is a brilliant instructor, his whole set up on his land is superb, you get a proper home cooked lunch, unlimited drinks etc, he even topped up our tanks at lunch time even though we had taken our own bikes, but the other big plus is the terrain, it's so varied and challenging. I ache today like a bitch and I've got a swollen little finger from an over the handlebars excursion but it was a small price to pay for a top experience I won't forget. Phil http://www.trials-school.co.uk
  13. Awesome day chaps, really enjoyed it, ache like buggery now though
  14. sp1

    Scorpa Fork Seals

    Either neoprene or the old fashioned bellows type (which used to work just fine)
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