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  1. @totalshell 

    Thanks for your feedback. i know what im looking is best of both worlds. i just want to use bike at its max. when i feel like going off road go for it and then back on road. I dont have any trailer and my 1999 yaris hardly pull itself.  having Van is not affordable. :)



    Thanks for your feedback. Pirelli MT43 seems to be good option. 

    by the way i am planning to put two sets of footrest on the bike , one for road use. and other one bit back for trials use.  sorry these are my own ideas . :) .





  2. Hi Guys 


    I will be converting slowly royal enfield bullet road model to trials bike . 


    I know in trials bike world 18 inch rear wheel is almost standard. I am thinking of putting 4.0 x 19 Trials tyre on my Royal enfield bullet. as they are availble from vintagetyres.



    advantage i see i dont need to change RIM/spokes and tyre price is reasonable as well. 

    currently i dont have plans for any completetion.


    what are the drawbacks of using 4.0 x 19 tyre . 

    > any problem in riding if using 19 Inch type

    > do i need to make any changes to swinging arm

    > any restriction from clubs to not allow 19 rear wheel 

    > any other ideas 


    Please advise




  3. @blic

    Quite true . We need plenty and afordable british bikes unfortunately which are not available anymore .. i wish we can re-manu facture complete engines again .. or may be get parts made cheap from india/china on same pattern..

    Sorry this my view only. Just want to see them for next century i passionate about them since childhood regards

  4. Hi Guys 


    Picked up the 1957 Royal Enfield Clipper frame & Bullet incomplete engine for long term Trials project from auto jumble.

    I know guys are using crusader frame and bullet engine .. not sure about clipper . surely it is lighter frame. 


    Question .. does the frame need lot of modification. does it worth doing it. 












  5. Another reason to look for different engine. i think i was out of track after seeing feather weight frames & ultra tuned engines.electric ignitions  ,

    all the bits i have seems out dated. ( big old tanks/distributor type engine. no electric ignition. heavy duty frame no roller coaster bearings )  

    with no big money backing  :). and family responsibilities . i will try to build with what ever i have   :chairfall: . & do things 1970-80 style 

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  6. Hi Guys 


    I am building c15 trials bike ( non competition ) . I have c15 distributor type engine still missing few bits  ( kickstart other small bits ). most of friend says your c15 big end will gone soon.


    from last few days ,, i am thinking of getting Bsa b25 or enfield 350 engine , what you guys think is it doable ? or should i focus on fixing the c15 engine i have ,


    trials bike surgeons/implants specialists , please advise. 



  7. Hi guys 


    Just bit more interested in Royal Enfield trials these days. I would like know more about Royal Enfield Bullet HNP 331

    ridden by Johnny Brittain in 1957 in SSDT. Interested to know what engine/frame etc modification were done to this bike. any more picture will be nice 


    Found very rare interesting video able to locate Royal Enfield Trials HNP 332 ?. at 33:57 on the trailer.

    Good to know how was trials riding in 1950s .. bit diffcult & driving in very high waters etc ,admire the history of british trials.






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  8. hi mettise,if you are anywhere hear norfolk call me and i will teach you how to build your own wheels, plus if you need  use of a machine shop or welding shop,, with tuition if needed just ask ,i have just retired after 50 years of building competition bikes, so i think it would be good if i can help out people with any problems when building off road bikes ,its time i put something back into the sport that has given me many years enjoyment , this also applies to any forum readers ,the worst way out it will cost the price of the bits which i can source at trade prices plus a beer for me , will.    

    Any chance to visit Ireland ...  unlimited supply of beer for sure  :guinness:  , you can make some youtube channel or blog , if you would like.. many beginner like me can learning from your experience.  Thanks for offering help ...

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