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  1. roadster

    Canterbury competition sidecar

    Bryn, I think that you misread my post. I actually have a complete Canterbury trials sidecar on a bike in regular use. Does yours have the Canterbury script on the hub? Here is a picture of mine: I can take some measurements/photos if you think that yours may be the same chassis Rod
  2. roadster

    Pre 65 sidecars

    John, Have a look at the ACTC events: there is one in Yorkshire and one in Co. Durham but most are in the South West . Their events are great fun and are old fashioned type trials sometimes involving road work and the sections are sometimes just a steep rocky greasy climb starting in deep mud at the bottom and a restart part way up. Not all of the trials include sidecars, most of the outfits are converted enduros but I have fun entering on my 1950 Norton 500T outfit. Some VMCC sections also organise trials which include outfits: Taverners in Leicestershire, which is well within 3hrs drive of Selby, organise a couple each year. There is a Taverners member active on this site so you may be getting some more info. Rod
  3. roadster

    Canterbury competition sidecar

    I haven't looked at this site for a while but if you still need some help let me know. I have a Canterbury on my 500T. There are some pics in this forum in an Arbuthnot thread. Rod
  4. roadster

    Arbuthnot 2017

    I received my invite through the post. Here is a link to the entry form. It is my favourite event. http://mywebsites.890m.com/smc/event_2017_09_17.pdf Rod
  5. roadster

    Arbuthnot 2016.

    The results arrived, yesterday, by post. I had been expecting them by email.
  6. roadster

    Arbuthnot 2016.

    I spoke to Mike Viney a couple of weeks ago and he said that the results would be done in a couple of days. I have not seen them yet, has anyone else?
  7. roadster

    Arbuthnot 2016.

    We thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed not to drown the Norton this year! We only had one puncture and managed to get to the lunch stop before changing the tube. Thanks to all those who lent me their tyre pumps to keep going after mine broke.We managed to attempt every section and didn't get lost. I rate this as my favourite trial as everything is right: great atmosphere, fantastic route, sensible sections and stunning views. We will be back next year. Rod
  8. roadster

    Spec Tire?

    As far as I am aware we only have a choice of two rear tyres for original pre 65 heavy weights: Mitas or Ensign as these are the only brands available, new, for 19" rims.
  9. roadster

    Ron And Doug "masters"

    If there is an attempt to get a big sidecar entry in one (or more) of this years trials I would be willing to support it. At the moment we don't have any plans to travel further than Devon, other than for the Arbuthnot. So, please post on here if our support is needed! On a different tack, whilst talking chairs: does anyone remember Freddy Wyre and his passenger another Freddy who rode with the West Bromwich club in the early/mid fifties? Hope to see some of you you out later this year. Rod
  10. roadster

    Traditional British Trials

    It seems a very good idea to me. I ride a rigid sidecar outfit which is pretty much original: even the sidecar has been on since the mid 50s, possibly from new. As there are no pre 65 sidecar trials in the deep South West (it is a 360 mile round trip to Bristol) we have been riding in ACTC organised trials which cater for cars and bikes and are really enjoying them. The Exmoor is at the end of January and uses some very old sections. We probably would travel for one of the "trad" trials: we did to the Arbuthnot which seemed to have very suitable sections and thanks to Deryk for suggesting it to me. So, yes, there are original bikes being ridden if not in "pre 65" trials.
  11. roadster

    Arbuthnot Trial 6Th September

    We thoroughly enjoyed the day, saw loads of interesting bikes, met lots of great people, enjoyed the ride and the stunning scenery. All the walkers we met were friendly and we made a point of slowing to walking pace and greeting/thanking them for letting us pass. We were the last finishers to sign off. We had gone through a "puddle" (lake?) which was too deep: it was well over my knees! By the time we had dried out the mag. ( I have a magdyno instead of the waterproof BTH) and got all the water out of the engine we were well behind and missed the morning sections. It was after ten last night when I got home and fell straight into bed after feeding the dogs ( I daren't not do that!). I ache all over this morning but will be back next year! Special thanks to all the officials/organisers and Gautrek; good to to say hello and thanks for posting the photos. We both forgot to take our cameras but that may have been a good thing as the sidecar was submerged! Rod
  12. roadster

    Arbuthnot Trial 6Th September

    Hopefully see you at some stage during the day and say hello! Rod
  13. roadster

    Arbuthnot Trial 6Th September

    Anyone who is reading this going to be there? We will be there with the 500T sidecar outfit. Our start time is 09:09. Rod
  14. roadster

    J O Wallis Hereford

    This is a bit of a long shot; I wondered if any one remembers J O Wallis from Hereford, who was the first owner of my Norton 500T in 1952. The bike was supplied by the dealer Ashcroft of Thornbury who may have been trials bike specialists; does anyone remember them? I hope that I put this in the correct place. Rod
  15. roadster

    Bsa C15 Inner Timing Cover

    Have you removed the peg which locates the end of the kickstart spring? If my memory is correct; it screws right through to the crankcase. With the clutch removed a gentle tap on the end of the mainshaft should see the cover come away with the complete gear cluster. It is many years since I worked on unit BSA singles, so I hope that this is correct but I did do a lot of them. Rod