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  1. cbutler

    Future of Gasgas

    It's going to be a red KTM don't kid yourself. GasGas offroad bikes will be assimilated just like Husky or it will die like Husaberg??
  2. Be certain you have proper free play at the lever
  3. Just throwing this out there is the fan pushing or pulling air.
  4. I live in Hot Springs and fart around on my 280 a bit. Where are you located? Keenan is in Uniontown (just north of Fort Smith) good guy with some of the best land for any kind of dirt bike.
  5. No one gets parts from Jim unless YOU call Jim he has GG stock and can sell them. If YOU call a GG dealer ANY DEALER (trials or enduro) the parts come from GasGas North America. That is how it is now they have a parts warehouse in South Dakota they ship from to the the dealers in the US and Canada.
  6. cbutler

    2018 EC models

    I've never been on a gas gas that the clutch did not "drag"
  7. Id buy the GG nothing wrong with a older bike. Bullet prof motor I have a 01 TXT 280 and my buddy has a 95 JT 25 (250) if you are new to the sport that bike WILL do more than you can. I would buy it if it were closer to me.
  8. I would just like to thank you Jim for the work you have done for GG and CONTINUE to do for us GG riders(NOT GG). Most people would have just taken the videos down and not looked back. You are a man above men
  9. This is correct for the PRO if it is a EDITION (GG had both that year) it will be just behind the kick start hump in the center case hidden by the carb This is a 01 280 EDITION
  10. Mike at The Tryals Shop can hook you up
  11. Mike at The Tryals Shop can get you what you need. He helped me get my 01 and my buddy's 95 back from the dead. Snell has LOTS of parts also Both stand up guys. http://www.tryalsshop.com/index.html
  12. Shocks have been changed from time to time my bud has a 96? contact 250 and I have a 01 txt 280 both have different shocks. My shock is a sealed unit I assume yours is the same. I think Splat has someone that mods them to make them rebuildabl
  13. 80:1 on fuel 5w30 motor oil NON SYNTHETIC 650cc I would email Jim Snell he can give you any info you would need and parts if you are in the US http://www.trialspartsusa.com/index.html
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