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  1. Hi Alan, You could enter Ben in the trial as the fourth rider even though it's 90 % certain he can't make it, then you will have a team of 4. Best I can do
  2. Just had a call from Andy Blackman and Clink, and they think???!!! that the date has changed, if true to what? Thanks
  3. I have had " team stand on it" members Big Boy (Jon Sands) and Bear Grylls (Guy Chandler) working for me today and the big news is Barry Roads is going to do a demo at the event on Fantic 200, is this true?????? stand on it Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  4. All I know is that I am sharing a room with Dave Fry this weekend for the Jersey 2 day, it's going to be Sherco this and Sherco that all weekend , I need drink just thinking about it!
  5. Team stand-on-it, is entering 23 riders and taking 3 drinkers. The entries are about to go, have I missed any one out who wants to go? Expert a team = Alexz Wigg, Sam Haslam and James Fry. plus the b and c teams 50/50 a team = Dave Clinkard, Guy Chandler and Chris Heane. Clubman a Team = Jon Sands, Barry Roads, and Dave Fry plus the b and c teams Stand on it
  6. I am sitting with Barry right now after trying to fit a Keihn to his fantic 200, he is crying with laughter reading through all this stuff and his facebook stuff. He remembers you Steve from Reath and asks your age he said around 58 and you are a nice bloke. All his fans can see him this sunday at Kent, then the east yorks 2 day, followed by the lakes and then the scott. Giggling for England or what?
  7. Many thanks for a great trial with no rain! spot on for the clubman course, I could do with another 30 mins on time plus some oxygen would help.
  8. Dave Clinkard is 50; he want
  9. Come on Doug give em hell, go out and win it! Stand 0n it
  10. Yes just fitted 08 rev 3 raptors with hangers to evo, the frame needs a little filing on the bottom edge then it easy.
  11. Julian it was a pleasure, he did us all proud both in the trial and the speach, a credit to the sport.
  12. The boys spent all day yesterday on the bikes, they were very close to pulling the Wiggy machine out for a test, but the thought of a Big Wigg telling off was toooooooo much of a risk! Hi Dan, No not a word from the old boy, I think its too much work and I might just out it. After such a bad result in Jersey on a modern bike, my twin shock days could be over. RIP.
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