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  1. Maybe trials should take a leaf from the F1 camp when they all refused to race when too dangerous? Watching the X-Trial which in my opinion has become pretty boring, it worries me that the up and comming riders will take risks that could end their career. If the same is true in Trial GP then something should be done..........I know why dont we have a British round where its a little muddy and slippery ? If you are into conspiracy theories then maybe the Honda dominance is relevant and perhaps they have a say in things? Either way it will have to come from the riders we are all responsible for our own safety after all.
  2. Hi Steve, dont be put off , the learning curve on a rials bike is infinite. I'm into my 4th year now, started on gas gas 250 2007 , Great little bike . Slow throttle just means you need a bigger twist to make more happen. Plenty of people keep riding with the slow throttle as it makes for slow trickling through a section easier. It might benefit you riding with someone else who can help you set your bike up, bar position, levers etc it might stop you learning some bad habits. get yourself along to a few trials local to you watch and chat to other newbeeis, you really can learn a lot from watching and in my experience pretty much everybody riding will give you helpfull advice.
  3. supersup

    EVO Gear oil

    Recently bougt a 2018 factory evo and was recommended GP10 by BVM. Seems to be working a treat.
  4. Tidy looking bike, great for starting on. Since you are new to the sport you might be interested int the training couple of days at Keypitts in Ilfracoombe in August. http://www.torridge-districtmcc.co.uk/entryforms.htm Great way to meet others and get some great tips. All levels catered for cant recommend it enough as a social trials event. Good luck with the bike and welcome to the world of trials.
  5. I have the Gaerne boots and they are my second pair. First were leather and went baggy after a year of riding. New ones are the Lorica very waterproof but seem to get smaller each time I ride. I took the foot bed out just so I could get them on. Much better now.
  6. Thanks Greychapel I will check this . That is my suspicion although when I changed the bearings I made sure to put it back as it as. Always been low so could already have been wrong.
  7. I have never checked it but will now check out how to . Its a Reiger shock so will investigate. Thank you for the pointer.
  8. Hi , I bought a 300 gas gas pro racing from eBay last October, not a very well looked after bike, I have had to change pretty much every bearing and most recently the swing arm linkage kit. It was then that we compared the ground clearance with my friends new 2017 250 txt pro and there is about 8-10 cm difference mine being that much lower. Obviously I was more than a little naive when purchasing this bike, but can anyone think of an obvious reason for such a discrepancy in height.. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you for the replies . When I bought the bike the lady who owned it was mixing 80ml to /5 litres so that's what I carried on with.Do people actually measure the fuel or rely on the forecourt to deliver 5 litres when it says? I have been using a measuring jug for the oil so I know that has been ok. . I'm off for a masterclass with Dougie Lampkin tomorrow so stressing that the bike stays reliable. Wish me luck.
  10. Hi guys , I've been riding a gasgas250 pro since May using Plutoline 2 stroke as per the previous owner. Have read a few forums I have decided to change to Ipone. Not sure whether I should drain the tank /clean out the carb before changing or just mix it up and pour in the tank. The bike has been running ok but seems to struggle a little at tick over. I have been mixing 80ml/5litres. Any advice welcome.. Thanks in advance
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