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  1. Some suspension advice please.

    I have a TRP rear shock on my 2015 Repsol, I'm on the heavier side aswell
  2. Montesa 4rt dual mapping software

    I believe the guy that owned MSport died a few years back unfortunately. I have a 2015 repsol and bought the dual map throttle body and switch. What is the model number on the throttle body you bought? You can get the software and cable from https://jbanyeres.com/en/engine/2270-cable-ecu-hrc-programable-para-pc-cd-para-ecu-de-hrc-un-solo-mapa-05-06.html I've helped quite a few people install and set this up in the UK and USA now. If you get hold of the software give me a shout. I have a cable and the software but I'm at the other side of the country to you in Lancashire. I do come over to Tong though if you ever get there
  3. Montesa 4rt dual mapping software

    yes you can buy the leads and program but they aren't cheap. It takes some setting up on a laptop/computer aswell. Have you got the dual map throttle body (map switch) on the bars? Or have you just got the standard repsol throttle body (only has 1 map)
  4. Montesa 4rt dual mapping software

    theres no where on line you can download the software from. The software comes with the cable. it is shown in the picture so you should get it with the cable Its not as straight forward to use but once you have used it a few times its straight forward. Been tweaking maps for a while now
  5. Hello From Yorkshire

    If you see a repsol montesa with silver wheels come and say hi
  6. Hello From Yorkshire

    Yes you can go and watch. I'm definitely going I've missed out the last few times it's been open
  7. Hello From Yorkshire

    Get yourself over tong on Saturday there's always plenty of friendly trials riders around to tag along with. I generally go and find people to tag along with
  8. Hello From Yorkshire

    there's usually a few women riders go to tong, Bradford (Parkwood 4x4 leisure) but its only one Saturday a month (first Saturday on the month) There's huddersfield falcons, barnsley trials club, spen valley club, I'm not too sure if the Bradford trials club is running any trials this year. we ride a fair bit over in rochdale at cowm quarry most weekends
  9. Hello From Yorkshire

    Hi, and welcome. We all have to start somewhere. keep at it and you will soon be better than the other half. You also have Tong to practise at that is not far from you which is great for practise in mud
  10. Scalvini exhaust system

    i have the termi, that has a deep tone. Map wise I have loads and have stuck with 2 I have modified from existing ones
  11. Scalvini exhaust system

    Have a word with Mark @ H&D Racing. He's sold a few of these
  12. Scalvini exhaust system

    i'm contemplating getting one instead of my termi system.
  13. thurlestone quarry barnsley

    horn hill trials in Holmfirth are usually quite good.
  14. thurlestone quarry barnsley

    that's the opposite side of the venue. if you approach it from the penistone end you go up a narrow road to the quarry, if you come from the Hepworth/birds edge side you will need to park at the end of the farmers track on the crossroads somewhere
  15. thurlestone quarry barnsley

    Trust me you wont make it unless you are in a 4x4 and its been lifted. Its a farmers track from the top. Being a local lad from that area I can say you could park carefully at the top crossroads and ride down though.