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  1. Here's a photograph, never published before, of a classic Honda in action. Taken by James Moorhouse it shows Glen Scholey competing in Bradford's Timperley Cup trial on the 8th March 1986. Enjoy - for more details PM me
  2. Researching the archive for ORRe I found another CCM variant that was in use at the Bardon Manor hillclimb in 1986!
  3. Hi otf, First Bultaco in the SSDT, 1962, read ORRe and see the detail and a picture. Jack Anelay was responsible at the time.
  4. Darlington & D.M.C. Trial Howtop, Grinton, Sunday. Darlington & District Motor Club stills draws huge entries to Swaledale for its series of trials.. How many remember the Scott Trial organised by Hilda and Norman Waters? These days they run under the AMCA banner and last Sunday one hundred and twenty two competitors assembled at How Top which is found by starting from the Bridge Inn in Grinton then follow the direction of Leyburn but don’t miss the right turn to Redmire , which takes you past How Top, which feels like the top of the world. Whilst the team were about to set the sections on Saturday, their peace was disturbed with the arrival of the Law, so followed a discussion activities concerning motor cycles in and around the disused lead mines. It is likely that some well meaning walker/rambler/busybody had informed the Boys in Blue! Having verified that all necessary permission were in order, the policemen retired. It seems obvious that the local police are rightly determined to stamp out the illegal riding often on highly questionable bikes in the area.. The plotters then set a fine thirteen section three lap course which certainly kept the welcome entry occupied. There were sections with narrow steep sided gullies as well as streams of varying depths. Hard course. Experts: 1 James Stones (Beta) 14, 2 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 18, 3 Philip Alderson (Gas Gas) 27. Inters: 1 Tom Alderson (Sherco) 32, 2 Will Reynolds (Montesa) 37, 3 Gray Pears (Scorpa) 58. Novice: Thomas Coates (Beta) 76. Youth Class A: 1 Tom Needham (Gas Gas) 56, 2 Ryan Brown (Beta) 61. Green course: 1 Trevor Willans (Montesa) 1, 2 James Langstaff (Beta) 2, 3 Brendan Suffell (Beta) 4. Youth Class A: Matty Napper (Beta) 14. Youth Class B: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 6, 2 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 24, 3 Elliott Laws (Beta) 25. Youth Class C: Harry Mugridge (Beta) 89. Clubmen: Paul Sadler (Beta) 3, 2 Joe Alderson (Montesa) 4, 3 Andy Kearton (Montesa) 7. Over 40’s: 1 Chris Laws 4, 2 William Wood 7, 3 Andrew Dale 10. (All Beta). Twin Shock|: 1 Gary Younghusband (Bultaco)1, 2 Edie Aitken (Trised) 3, 3 Paul Dennis (Triumph) 4.
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