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  1. Bruce Storr – a Scott Trial legend. The Richmond Motor Club remind all potential Scott Trial contenders that regulations are now out for the annual October frolic on the moors above Swaledale. Ken Wallis is the Event Secretary so get those entry forms filled in and posted to him forthwith or miss out. The closing date is a mere six weeks away on Friday September 8 first post. Bruce Storr rode the trial way back in 1982 on a Gori and ultimately took on the testing role of Clerk of Course for an eight year period before handing over to Paul Robinson. Mr Storr can still ride trials having had about a thousand miles of practice slogging round the Scott Trial course with a bag of flags round his neck to slow him down. Pictured in the annual Reeth Three Day Trial last month.
  2. Richmond Motor Club annual Cogden Hall Youth Training School The Richmond Motor Club annual youth training session took place at Cogden Hall, Grinton, last Wednesday and Thursday under torrential rain conditions. Despite appalling weather sixty four youngsters spent two full days with licensed instructors Richard Sadler, Guy Kendrew, Ian Austermuhle, Jack and James Stones, John Sunter, Rob Waite and Matt Maynard. The girls and boys were divided into eight age and skill groups, ranging from four years old to twelve which were instructed by all eight tutors so they enjoyed guidance from different people. Each of the eight age and skill groups were trained by each instructor thus inputting different suggestions and techniques. The Cogden Ghyll stream was included as the water levels were sensible, also grass turns and climbs in the Low Meadow tested the Class D youngsters while lofty Cogden Wood afforded some shelter from the elements for the older boys. Pam Braithwaite and Vicky Andrew ran the event with military precision. All the pupils were presented with a certificate of competence and an action picture courtesy of Hollie Braithwaite and her assistant, provided by the club. Mine host at Cogden Hall is farmer Laurence Allison who is a top man when it comes to trials on his splendid acres at Grinton, Reeth. On offer is Cogden Ghyll which the quarters of a mile of stream in a valley which flow down through the Low Meadow. High above is Cogden Wood plus hillside rocks on grass. Basically a full trial course with all the right ingredients. . Photos to follow.
  3. I organised many of those first trials and the only one that we did not include twostrokes was that first Bigger Banger trial on Shawforth, in the second we included all the Villiers twostrokes and there were even a couple of rigid Bantams in the entry. Perhaps a photograph taken by Mary of me in action in a pre-65 trial might help......................
  4. Sorry, trialsrfun, I regret your thoughts on the Sammy Miller series are somewhat astray. All the British built twostrokes were welcomed and regularly made up the bulk of the entry. There was even a class for rigid/vintage twostrokes which the Price brothers usually dominated on their 125cc DMWs.
  5. The sad cancellation announcement is attached. 2017 Allan Jefferies - Cancellation Announcement.pdf
  6. As one of the organising team of two that created the first ever pre-65 trial I suspect some members may be interested in my thoughts and comments on the topic. The prime, and potentially most significant point is that we were misguided and got it all wrong in the first place! The fact is that we could no longer cope on our older, heavier British bikes in the sections that were being chosen to take marks off the Spanish invasion - although some of the lightweights could cope, as Bill Wilkinson and Roy Peplow so ably demonstrated by winning the SSDT on their Greeves and Cub machines, beating Sammy and all the other riders on on their Bultaco and Montesa machines. The point that we missed was that we wished to retain the SECTIONS set to the same standard of difficulty that they were before 1965 - which was precisely what I insisted upon whilst I was the Series Coordinator for the championship which developed into the Sammy Miller series, and ran successfully for the first fourteen years. Reading all the previous posts I am saddened by all the niggling, moaning and general mischief they so often demonstrate - what has happened to taking part in order to ENJOY the pastime.........................
  7. This is Ted Clarkson with his friendly Labrador spectating at the renowned Scott Trial section 'Goats' at Holgate courtesy of farmerJacky Lynas on Sunday afternoon during the Reeth Three Day Trial.Ted is a past grass tracker and sand races on a 1000cc blown Suzuki outfit.He has ridden at Navenby, Sleaford, Pickering, Northallerton (Faceby) Lane Endand Bainbridge on grass in the early eighties plus Scarborough, Filey, Redcar, Skegness and Mablethtorpe beach races. Three weeks ago he drove 170 miles with his tractor in the three day annual Tractor Run near Richmond andthat raised £1100 for North Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
  8. Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial 30th July 2017 This prestigious event is typically well supported, but this year, in common with some other events, the number of entries received, at least to date, is unusually low and unless there is a late influx of entries, there is a risk that the organisers may be forced to cancel. There is still time to enter and the club are particularly keen to have more serious trials riders entering to compete over the Principal Allan Jefferies Course. However, if this doesn’t suit, there will also be an easier Clubman’s Course. Supplementary Regulations with Entry Form are available online from various sources, including the ACU’s website, but if you wish to receive “Regs” directly via email, please make this request to the organisers using either the telephone number or email address listed below. Eligible riders wishing to enter should act now, before it is too late. --------------------------------------------------------------- As always, there is the thorny problem of getting sufficient Observers and as some of the more remote sections are typically only accessible by bike or on foot “Observers with Bikes” would be particularly welcome. Volunteers should be guaranteed a good run out on the day, as well as a food voucher for the excellent fare available at the café. Anyone willing to help should contact the oganisers c/o 07784186021 or email bradfordanddmc@btinternet.com --------------------------------------------------------------- As the course includes PUBLIC HIGHWAY and in places also crosses PUBLIC footpaths, competitors are reminded that they should moderate their speed accordingly and ride with consideration at all times. Each competitor is further reminded that the machine on which they will be competing MUST be appropriately registered, taxed and insured. Riders must comply with all legal requirements and entries are conditional upon these important factors being met. Bradford & District Motor Club
  9. Bainbridge & D.M.C.(AMCA) Annual hillclimb is at Sorrel Sykes Farm, West Burton, Bainbridge, on July 26 commencing with practice at 4.00 pm and racing at 6.00pm. This event recalls the festival of motorcycle sport that used to be part of the Bainbridge Annual Carnival. The climb is steep grass. Classes are 1/2/3 Old and New Trials machines. 4/5/6 Pre-65 and modern trail bikes. All on trials tyres. Class 7 is open to speedway machines and bitzas. Catering and public address system will be on site. Enter or the day or contact Bob Foster who is the promoter and can be contacted via 01969 622331. Pure fun!
  10. The organisers of the Ilkley Motor Club’s Yorkshire Dales Trial scheduled to take place at Pateley Bridge on JJuly 23 regret to announce that the trial has been cancelled. After discussions between Trial Secretary Mr Nick Pullan and Clerk of Course Mr Adrian Tate on Monday evening the trial was cancelled as it was not considered viable to wait and hope for further entries to the eighteen already received. The Club regret taking this action which is in no way due to any changes by the Club. Regulations were in the Technical Press in May and circulated to past competitors and Clubs.
  11. The works did try to trial one, with Hugh Viney at the helm, it lasted a couple of attempts, then they gave up - the prime difficulty apparently being trying to sort the gears into a 'triallable' cluster - Viney swopped on to a Fanny-B painted in James colours. Looks a tidy rideable bike - but not on the rough......................
  12. The Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial will take place on 30 July but it will be a totally changed Jefferies this year. Due to heavy tree planting betweenHalton Gill and Yockenthwaite the crossing from Littondale over into Wharfedale is no longer possible. The organising team have worked hard to retain the traditional national and it will run over a twenty four mile lap andfeature many well known sections. The plan is either forty sections or thirty six sections of which many will be dual routed. The Yorkshire DalesNational Park Authority have given their permissions to use a track from Diamond Pasture, at the head of Park Rash over to Starbotton, in the Wharfevalley. that will bring in the well-known sections at Raisgill, Hagg Gill, Yockenthwaite, Hubberholme, Redmire Farm, then back to Starbotton then return to different sections in Diamond Pasture. Gone this year will be the traditional Halton Gill Reading Room headquarters and the legendary Halton Gill Ladies catering service. The Listers ravine belowPark Rash will be the first section group. Robert Close has granted permission for the parc ferme to be in his pastures behind his steel fabricationworkshops at Kettlewell. That will be less than a hundred yards from the Kettewell garage so the fuel question is settled. A midway refuelling pointis also arranged. PHOTOS TO FOLLOW. Seen in last year's event, James Fry, Guy Kendrew and Richard Sadler photographed by Barry Robinson. Bradford and DMC - 2017 Allan Jefferies - Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form.pdf
  13. This wild man from Richmond was dodgy on a Colin Appleyard 350 Italjet trialsidecar outfit so what is he like on a one ton Massey Ferguson tractor?Barry Watson was doing his bit for the annual Richmond Tractor Run onFriday. It was the eleventh annual day out on the North Yorkshire Dales fortwenty five vintage tractors and their carers, many of whom are friendly local landowners. The drivers endured cold winds and rain which necessitated stops at hostelry to refuel. Theorganisers have donated thousands to various charities. The recipients this year will be the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 'Watty' is also gathering upvolunteers (?) for observing work at the 2017 Allan Jefferies Trial.You have been Warned! Photo; Barry Robinson
  14. Richmond Motor Club hosted the unique Mintex Trophy Trial, a time and observation trial for youth entrants and very much a taster for the youngsters of the perils of riding in the Scott Trial. Based in the Hurst area, long time well known Scott venue, even crossing Hadrians Wall could not deter Lochaber youngster Duncan MacColl on Sunday! The teenager delivered a king sized double shock to his fifty two rivals in the annual national Mintex Trophy Trial by not only setting the fastest time in the trial but also carefully riding the sections to beat local ace Ryan Brown on observation. Many expected triple Class B national trial winner Daniel Slack to be the pre-event Bookie’s favourite riding his MRS Sherco but the Whitwick contender had to concede ten minutes on time to MacColl and no less than thirty two on observation. Considering that the trial exactly duplicates the Scott Trial formula, slightly adapted due to consideration of the competitors ages and the fastest rider calls the tune, so when Duncan posted seventeen marks on observation the show was over. Without doubt the ride was nothing short of sensational especially under blazing sun and high temperatures. This was half a Scott Trial in distance but two thirds of the October battle in terms of sections. The haul heading back home over the border was one Mintex Cup – for fastest time, one Mintex Trophy, for winning, one NLS Contracts Trophy for being best on observation plus two Michelin tyres, donated by Michelin in their long standing support of the trial. The awards function was late due to long time efforts. The time cut took out Tom Ridley who clocked 5:53:20. Will Handley persevered and was rewarded with his 5:32:30 ordeal with the Robinson Joinery Cup. Telford’s Alice Minta also created a piece of Mintex Trial history by being the first girl to complete the course to take seventeenth place out of the fifty-three. Her observation score was very creditable. The hard luck stories began with the exit of Zac Collinson, the Scarborough youth with just seven sections to ride, Luke Couglan, Richard Moorhouse, Martyn Pratt, Oliver Towns. Mitchell Brightmore also missed the cut. The Buxton lad totted up fifty on observation but posted a no-score at section twenty five at Slee Gill on lap one. The twenty two mile lap extended four miles out on the Hurst Moor to Moresdale Gill where two stream sections tested all classes, as they always do. A double loop down the moor and back up took in Whisky Gill and Dipper after the initial Braithwaites, Cold Bank and Dry Gill which was anything but dry. Despite a very large notice to close the track gate, to contain the horses, one two wheeled trail rider left the gate open on the access to Dry Gill which fortunately Honda mounted Barry Watson witnessed and closed the gate otherwise some expensed equestrian livestock would have escaped. It only takes one clown to risk losing access to yet another piece of valuable trials land........ PHOTOS TO FOLLOW: Fancied local - unlucky on the day! - Ryan Brown (51) in Mintex action. Photos; Barry Robinson Winner - Duncan McColl (53) Final-Results-Award-Sheet-2017.pdf Section-by-Section-Analysis-2017.pdf Mintex-Trophy-Trial-2017-Times.pdf
  15. God sat back in his golden throne, talking to Angel Gabriel in a reflective mood......... "I shall create a place on earth that will be known as Scotland," he announced, "It will be the home of stunning mountains, deep valleys with rivers and lochs filled with crystal clear water and abundant salmon rising from the water...the hills will be the home of abundant red deer and golden eagles will soar in the skies above. I shall people it with a thoughtful race who shall be hard-working, innovative, industrious, inventive...they will create a unique product from malted barley mixed with their wondrously clear local waters and ca ll it whisky........ The land will provide them with good supplies of coal and gas and the surrounding seas will be filled with all manner of edible fish..........." "Steady Lord," interjected Gabriel, "surely that wondrous dream is, perhaps, just a little O T T for one lucky race of people?" "True," replied God, "but then I haven't mentionned yet who I'm going to give them for neighbours - but, worse than that, the curse that will be a constant drain on all their opportunities called wee Sturgeon...........!"
  16. The Eboracum Motor Cycle Club will run an East Yorks Centre Championship Twin Shock Trial on Sunday-June 18 at Coates Hill, Rosedale, starting at 11.00am. The venue is legendary as it was the final section group of the late lamented Colonial Trial and the centre piece was a giant oak tree which was right alongside the final climb. Many great names have leant against the old oak while weighing up a section line. Rod Drake is the man in charge on the day.
  17. Please find attached the Final Instructions & Start Times - Rd2 ACU Acklams Beta BritishSolo Youth B C & D Trials Championship @ Skyrakes on 10th June 2017 Final Instructions & Start Times Rd2 Youth B C D Trials Championship.pdf
  18. Ilkley & District Motor Club Ltd.. Yorkshire Dales Motor Cycle Trial. A.C.U. Classic Championship 23-07-17. The Ilkley Motor Club will stage the third round of the A.C.U. Classic Championship series at Pateley Bridge on July 23. The trial headquarters will be the Pateley Bridge Auction Mart. The Teacups Café will serve meals from signing on time schedule. The start time is 10.00 am. There is a petrol station within short distance of the start area. The course will be 35 miles and there will be up to 35 sections on the route. a lunch halt and refuelling stop will be taken at Lofthouse. The observing rule will be SR 22b No Stop. The organisers have included three non-championship classes over and above he twelve A.C.U. Classic categories. The additional classes are trail machines, Clubman A modern machines, air cooled monoshock and British monoshock machines. Overnight camping will be permit in the Showground area for a fee of £10.00. The Show ground committee donate any charges to their chosen charities. Regulations for the event are now available via nick@ilkleymotorclub.org.uk
  19. Sadly there are still instances of some parents not filling in entry forms correctly. Some don’t seem to appreciate that the entry form is a legal document and required to be correct in full for insurance purposes as well as getting their offspring in the right class. It is doubtful whether some parents ever read the small print. Karen Crabtree took sixty one entries for the Mansfield Maun B/C/D/ opening championship trial last Sunday. In that number twelve riders had no bike listed… The Bradford and Yeadon-Guiseley clubs are running youth trials on June 10 and 11 at Skyrakes and Brimham Rocks. Observers will be welcomed.
  20. Stuart Cameron who was Bradford & District MC Secretary in the early 2000s sadly passed away after a short illness. Funeral arrangements are 2/June/2017, at 11:00am, Scolemoor Cremarorium, Necropolis Rd, Bradford BD7 2PS
  21. At the Barbers. Barak Obama and Donald Trump somehow ended up at the same barber shop, can you just imagine… As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were both afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn nasty. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Trump in his chair reached for the aftershave. The Donald was quick to stop him, jokingly saying, "No thanks. My wife, Melania, will smell that and think I've been in a brothel.” The second barber turned to Barak and said, "How about you, Mr. Obama ?” Barak replied, "Go right ahead My wife, Michelle, doesn't know what the inside of a brothel smells like".
  22. Keiran Child's father, Andy, was held hostage at section 13 at the West LeedsClub's John Bolton Trial at Skyrakes on Sunday. The West Leeds gang ofHoward Gulley. Mark Chippendale, Mark Forster, Chris Manby and clothingmodel Nigella Crowther were nominally "discussing" section marking. Warning though to others - do not approach these dangerous ruffians unless bearing a gift, or a beefburger...........
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