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  1. Smile, please, You are on CANDID CAMERA.................. PHOTO: OFFROAD ARCHIVE
  2. When there is sidecar trials action in prospect there is always a risk of a threat from Manx crews - here is a selection of them, spotted at the recent sidecar championship round at Fellbeck. Photo; Offroad Archive
  3. The Mel Harrison sidecar national, the ninth in the series, ran on without a hitch after after weeks of heavy rain on Sunday at Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck. The twenty-eight crews applied themselves to the task admirably and were rewarded by opportunities to take points that will keep the championship alive. In the Experts Championship class Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes showed real class throughout the thirty seven sections. Their Wessex TRS just stopping in three sections, one of which, Holly Tree, stopped the entire entry when a huge step with little juggling room had them all beaten. But Norman Shepherd let all the riders complete their first lap then moved in with a serious farming implement in the form of one of Mr JCB's toys, to, as he put it "Tune the section slightly." After the first lap Norman Shepherd moved in with serious artillery, a large digger, and tuned the section: Result? "Large Rock 0, JCB 1" The second lap action started in the stream where the line up the south bank was right on the edge of toppling with chair high and rider down below. William Caine and Beth Thomas were very tidy but the big rock right on the exit line toppled the GWW Gas Gas and driver and passenger almost took a dip, but no harm done and they were soon up and on their way. There were three sections near the Holly Tree, before a 400-yard climb up to the rock escarpment where John Hinchliffe and Martin Jackson braved the cool wind, even in the sunshine. There the fourth section was a climb across a rock strewn hillside with slick grass that Oliver Lace and Ealish Baxter as well as Chris and Robert Pickard failed, Josh and Luke Golding worked their own magic (aided by TRS!) to salvage a dab. Then came the fifth, a totally different problem, where the clubman drove up the grass on the east side of the large rocks and the hard route skirted the same rock but on the opposite side of the great rock lump. The last few feet were the the sting in the tail that needed careful setting up for. Tuck and Nigel Crellin and Chris Molyneux had been the sole cleans on the first lap. The Inters were on the other flank and cleaned all the way while the clubman followed the same line. Nigel and Gracie –Mae Scott clipped a section flag and were judged to have taken the marker out and copped a five which stung just a little. Rob Shepherd was on the sixth section in Russell Plantation where a natural heather lined switchback section did not trouble the clubmen. Caine and Thomas dropped a mark but David Tuck and Joe Newman had problems - indeed their trial ended seven sections later when the sidecar brake jammed. Some said the brake would have cooled and eased but then it could have been something mechanical and permanent so they parked up at the fifteenth and joined the ranks of spectators. Section seven and eight were on the moor where the exposed rocks hosted many an event. Oliver Lace was the only failure on lap one while the front runners ran clean. The final two sections in the dense wooded area were savage with a big drop-off in section ten. Only championship leaders Nigel Crellin and Chris Molyneux nailed that section on lap one. The Inters and Clubmen in the main cleaned their line but Damien Owen and Gaz Temple dropped a mark. Down in the pasture land came the final two section sections. Observer Julia Rose had to give the multitude of riders-cum-rock-kicking gardeners a ‘get cracking’ warning. The last three yards of the rocky climb were hard with one large unavoidable rock right on the exit line which Josh Golding and Chris Pickard found the very hardest way. Crellin’s dab and Oliver Lace’s two were the class standards while Jon Tuck sufficed with some leg power. The two remaining Inters failed while the majority of Clubmen were line perfect. The full results, thanks to punch card scoring were out within half an hour and awards presented a great credit to the organising club. All in all a fine day of sport for which the series sponsor, Wessex Plant, deserves justified thanks. Solo Results: Expert course: Joe Jennings (Gas Gas) 1 fc, Louis Haley (Montesa) 1, Sam Jennings (Montesa) 3. Clubman course: Luke Dunn (Beta) 2, Dane Smith (Honda) 5, Steve Jackson (Montesa) 6. Sidecar Results attached. Also photos of Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes, and also William Caine with Beth Thomas in action. Photos: Offroad Archive. Sidecar National.doc
  4. There's a thought for all organisers in the above postings - get several nit-pickers to proof read all club documents, regs available, entry forms and the like BEFORE they are issued.... it may add a delay to the issuing - but it could also save lots of extra work later!
  5. The good news is that the trial is definitely on, and they have already received more entries - the better news is that they are also catering for plenty of solos, as per the following note: "9th round Wessex Plant Hire Sidecar (Open to all classes of solos) Championship Mel Harrison Trial Sunday 17th September 2017 Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck, Pateley Bridge. HG3 5EP Open to ALL Adult and Junior Classes. both Sidecar and Solo 2 routes available Suitable for twin shocks All on Private Land Start Sidecars 10.30 am Solo's and others between 10 and 10.30am. Observers needed please."
  6. For some reason the Mel Harrison sidecar national trial this weekend seems to lack interest in the sidecar fraternity despite the fact that a month ago the decision was taken NOT to run the event at Cockhill Mines, Greehow in the interests of safety. Cockhill is not exactly user friendly towards three wheelers. An approach was made to Norman Shepherd at Fellbeck to stage the trial on his acres, to which Norman promptly gave the nod. With a fine mixture of streams, woodland, rocks, and grassy climbs and gullies, wet and dry over a lap distance of almost two miles all off road the venue is ideal being three miles from Pateley Bridge town centre. Just TEN crews have entred, four from the isle of Man. Mel Harrison is reluctant to cancel the trial because of intending Manx visitors. Contact Mel asap on 01274 567047. The entries officially closed this morning but it is not too late to get on board.
  7. Baby Bear said: "Somebody has been eating my porage..." Daddy Bear said: "And somebody has been eating my porage....." And Mummy Bear said: "Stop all your moaning - we are having cornflakes today!"
  8. Pickering & DMC have changed their trial venue for Sunday 10th September to Cawthorne Lane, Wrelton. Start time remains 11.0O am
  9. The Bradford and District Motor Club will be running their fifth closed to club trial at Rough Holden, Silsden, on Sunday, 10th Sept. Start time will be 10.30 am. Carina Carter will be the Event Secretary.
  10. Old established trial - counts towards West Yorks Championship. No road work – all on private land belonging to the Shepherd family at Fellbeck. That means streams, rocks, big climbs on muddy gullies and tree roots in the open and woodlands. Any competitor bringing an observer will ride no-fee. Please inform the Event Secretary in advance. Details are attached Derek Lickers regs2017.docx
  11. Several contributors have commented on the increasing severity of the sections - which must be due to a certain extent to the increasing complexity of the modern machines - particularly insofar as suspension is concerned - without even considering the additional problems of the nature of grip possible wth modern rubber........ But one point seems abundantly clear to me - there is a lack of definition of an ideal trial for course plotters to consider when laying out their sections. So here goes, let's drag out the old definition i gave to ALL course plotters who wanted a round in the Sammy Miller series that I coordinated for just over thirteen years - and I still get asked to take up the task again! That was over one hundred and fifty trials, all multiclass - and each year we averaged no less than four hundred and fifty riders who competed in three rounds or more...................... Firstly the trial should have at least one section that is set in the hope that everyone in the trial will clean it - make it an early one and the rider will go through the ends cards feeling he was going to have a good day. One section - just one section - should be set with the intention that only the ultimate winner will clean it. Then set the other sections somewhere in between those two norms - the ideal winning score could well be less than five marks - remember Gordon Jackson rode the entire SSDT course in 1961 dropping just ONE mark. And yes, I know the sections were quite different back then - but no-one else has ever managed it - or pushed him hard that year............ One other point before you jump in with critical comment - we never had a single tie to resolve in all the years I was involved.
  12. The hundred dollar question. What is happening to British trialling? Last Wednesday evening the Bradford club staged the fourth W.B.S Championship trial at the excellent Hagg Farm venue near Skipton on a compact course with stream and climb sections laid out by sponsor Nathan Wrigglesworth and the Bradford stalwarts. Just thirty-nine riders, of all ages, supported the trial which ironically was about the same number that entered the national Allan Jefferies Trial two months ago, a traditional trial with a great history that sadly did not happen simply because of the lack of entries......... Noticeable though no Class A youths, only five Class B and ten Class C and D riders. Needles to say the trial was totally off-road as was the annual Artie Ratcliffe Vase novicetrial at Winksley where the Ripon club took on board a mere thirty-two riders, and, one youth, Elliott Laws. Peter Fleetham hosted the trial which had been set out by Keith Blythe and Mark Langstaff - both experienced section plotters. Four laps and ten excellent sections, off road, including a Jacuzzi for the overheated contenders and how many supported the sport? - a mere thirty-two. Apart from a Northallerton trial thirty miles away Yorkshire was bereft of A-C.U. trials on Sunday. The photo, by Barry Robinson shows Mr Hammerton who found the slimy underwater rocks had very little grip and was forced to take an involuntary early bath..............
  13. Please note we have had to change the date and venue again for our next Easy Clubman and Youth Trial. The Richardson Trophy Trial will now be held on the Saturday 2nd of September At Underbanks (between Marske and Reeth). Start Time: 12.30 Catering to be confirmed. Any questions contact Sandra Fowler : 01969 624146
  14. Former sidecar grass track racer, minder for grand-daughter and trialsrider Lucy, father of Nicola and Anthony and a very experienced and regulartrials observer Brian Ayrton was seventy on Sunday and spent the dayobserving a section at the Kathleen Cockshott Trophy trial at Brimham Rocks.Brian is a senior member of the Bradford Motor Club and is part of a sectionmarking team at all levels. In all aspects a top guy and respected by allespecially trials riders
  15. The venue of the 9th round of the A-CU Wessex Hire British Sidecar Trials championship on 17th Sept has been changed to Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck HG3 5EP and will now be entirely on private land. Details are attached. 2017 MEL HARRISON REGS (1).doc
  16. The Wetheby Motor Club’s West Yorkshire Championship trial scheduled for Bayliss Gap on Sunday 13 July will now take place at Toft Gate Farm, Greenhow starting at 10.30 am 10.30 am.
  17. Attached are the results of the Tuck Cross round and also the latest standings in the Championship ACU Wessex Plant Hire British Sidecar Championship.xlsx Copy of TUCK CROSS TRIAL RESULTS 2017.xlsx
  18. The Darlington & District Motor club will run a charity trial on 20 Aug in aid of theNorth Yorkshire Air Ambulance at Braidley, Coverdale. The eventwill run under A.M.C.A. colours. Starting at 11 am. This will be no 'pocket round the houses' event either. Geoff Lambert has given permission torun a three mile lap on his acres which will contain twenty four for sections on each of two laps. The classes are total adults to youths with a proviso that the Class C youngsters will be known by ability. It is a total off-road trial. Colin Ayre and his team will be marking out the trial so expect good sections, as they usually are on the Lambert acres.Note the date and support a very worthy and necessary cause.
  19. Since, Nigel, (have I managed to spell YOUR name correctly) you seem convinced that I am totally out of touch with current events, perhaps you could explain how you think the attached publication came into being??????? Regards Deryk ORRe-Scott supp copy.pdf
  20. The nub of the problem lies with inexperienced 'officials' ignoring the advice of the scruffy looking bod with a belt made of binder twine who actually owns many hundreds of acres, many of which have been used in the trial for years - then suggesting the Head Gamekeeper for another estate that he should not be driving his Landrover there................
  21. Please find attached the Regs and Entry Form for Bradford's 2017 “WBS summer series” for Beginners and Clubmen. Regs and Entry Form 23-8-17.docx REGS AND ENTRY FORM 10-09-17.docx regs and entry form 19-08-17.docx
  22. Nigel, In my time I have spent long hours in the saddle helping mark out the Scott course across the moors as assistant to Geoff Fletcher then clear it up afterwards, several years helped operate a time and number check at secret places to make sure there was no course cutting, worked with Eddie Flintoff, photographed and reported the event for several press contacts and also published a book telling the history of the oldest trial in the calendar, so when I am aware, by personal contact with long term colleagues of disquiet in the local landowners and senior managers of the land over which the trial relies for its very existence, I feel totally justified in admitting CRITICISM that I hope will assist hard working but inexperienced RMC clubmen to adapt their ways of working to ensure this great event does not join the ever expanding list of events that ONLY EXIST IN HISTORY. What is YOUR claim to fame?
  23. Trifield is a twin motor in a Crusader frame so Cub detail not relevant
  24. Nasty rumour around that long stretches of the usual course in jeopardy as a result of failure to maintain landowners and Head Gamekeepers agreement before use.
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