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  1. yes I know but I was affraid that this will increase the air pressure inside and lead to sealing failures. Actually I think the fork spring rate is too soft for my taste, is it common for twinshock trial riders to put some spacers under springs?
  2. Hello; I want to ask a question about the number 5 part on the exploded view above. is it normal to have a very tiny hole on it which enables the fork breathe in-out during travel? I hve never seen thhis before, many mx bikes have bleed valves or screws but this is completely open to the atmosphere. And yes there is oil leaking a bit under full compression landings. Thanks.
  3. this is a casting defect, porosity or oxide film. it can lead to a recall but in some cases this can be a singular fault. For example when permanent mold casting, first couple of pieces following the start of production, comes with defects due to thermal cycle. it is in fact possible to detect them with x ray and most of the quality casting shops make %100 x-ray inspection. if the broken part is inspected by an expert, the problem can be understood. Hope you could ride your bike as soon as possible.
  4. dr770

    349 forks.

    unfortunately there is not enough space for 2 7mm height seals. so I fabricated custom spacers. for the moment they are working as they should I guess.
  5. I have measured the straightness , there is no problem. the diameter of inner down tubes are around 1mm larger than the stanchions, so there is fair amount of play without the spacers I fabricated. difference in dameter makes the stanchions touch the outer tubes on 2 points instead of a large surface, under braking especially. My theory this 2 point contact is not enough for the oil film to hold on and as a result the chrome coated tube scrubs the aluminum housing creating a big friction, if I could explain. when the fork is taken away and pushed down on a straight line wit 0 bending moment it works just fine , but under braking force which creates a bending moment it just locks itself. What ever it is with the custom spacers and narrover seals it is working now ( like each of the forks on other bikes have). The spacer is keeping the stanchions on the same axis and preventing the play on the down tubes.May be the forks was used without oil inside for a long time and this ruined the setup. hope my solution lasts long enough to have some fun for this winter.
  6. Thanks for your help. I dont have the original parts manual for MH 349. it would be great if you can share that one with me. At the moment I could make the fork function by manufacturing custom spacers under the seals. Without these spacers the fork tubes rub againgst the fork outer aluminum lower tubes under compression and this makes great friction. May be this problem is becouse I am using aftermarket seals. these seals can not hold the stanchions co axial with lower tubes, so with hard plastic spacers stanhions is held in place and on the same axis with the loer moving part.
  7. Well finally first ride!! a few things still needs to be sorted . even with new seals, fork is leaking little bit, clutch oil is leaking , need a front fender , but it starts very easy at firtst kick. This was the first time I have ridden a trials bike, it feels very light and fun. the engine is strong and seems un stoppable. I need some time to get rid of clutching addiction. I am open to any advice and experience. Thanks
  8. I could not find a suitable seal which the space could take two of them. I will try to use one seal with single lip and see the result. This is what I can find at the moment and I want to ride the bike on September. I ve got soooo litle time toooo many projects I will definately make them in size with the seal which has 47x35x6mm dimensions. By the way I can't say the bores of the sliders are precision machined unfortunately. The fork tubes are 35mm but the bores are 36. and at the current stage the forks was moving realy stiff after a few cm. And the only thing I could find is the missing spacers. Actually I will check again for a bent tube before installation, I could make it straight if there is any bent part. Thanks for all your information.
  9. There is a blank space for the decompressor but it isn't drilled and tapped. As soon as I know older ones have the place for it. This is MH 349. The only type of decompressor I could find are the ones for hacksaws I think they can be used instead . I had a KTM 400 SC and it realy starts much easier. I will try to do my best on ignition and carburetor and wait and see how it performs on kick start. Or I will carry a rope to tie it to my friends bike for a running start Keep it idling is out of practice its already 35+ degrees here. My biggest fear was the starting of this bike since my right ancle has problems, Ktm is a left kicker. Thanks
  10. dr770

    349 forks.

    Well I measured the seal places. The seals you have mentioned are 35x47x7 mm, and there is only 8.8 mm under the circlip for seals. So it is impossible to fit two7mm height seals in place, besides there are 2 different part numbers so I dont think they are the same parts. I am confused :(. By the way I sent inmotion an email describing my problem, waiting for the reply.
  11. thanks for your feedback. I've been thinking about it but machining will be necessary, this involves the removal of the cylinder head. I have never used a decompressor before and I dont know how to use it. So I could not be sure about the benefit. I know that it will relase the compression, but is it only for taking the piston to tdc? or can I kick start while pulling the decompressor?
  12. Update; The air filter sorted out. The points gap is set and it starts at the moment. But i should say it is really difficult to start with tons of compression. Is there an easier way? I have already trashed 2 shoes :-) The front suspension was not working properly, so i took it apart.as soon as i see from the diagram there are 2 parts under the circlip. One is the seal the other is the bushing i guess. Well the bushing is missing:-( on both legs. There are 2 part codes there. C000.993547 which i think the seal and 0CM1.35037 (seen on the diagram below) which i think the bushing.i have purchased the seal 6x35x47 mm dimensions, but i couldn't find any information about the bushings. I am about ti machine them out of some kind engineering polimer. But a proper picture would be helpful really. so I can machine out a similar one Thanks
  13. dr770

    349 forks.

    Hi Netley; Thanks for your information. well ı havent seen the part in person, ı havent seen any pictures but it is a little odd to me to use a second seal at that place. one reason is there shoul be some pressure build up inside the seal to seal properly. if there is a second seal under the actual seal , it would prevent pressure buid up and the actual seal becomes useless. cota 349 is using 35 mm fork tubes, but the inside diameter of the fork legs is around 36 mm. so imo there should be some kind of friction bearing material under the seal. my bikes forks had to be used without those parts for long time and I can see the signs of wear on the lower part of the fork tubes. Besides every other fork that I have taken apart up to now had some kind of friction bearings in that place. so I have drawn a piece to be manufactured out of engineering polimers that you can find below. if anybody needs to make one of these, this drawing belogs to a piece to be used with 6mm height seal. the seal dimentioned should be 47*35*6 mm. I will some oil chanels and install them in shortest time. I can share the result. But I still wonder what the actual part is under the seal. Even if it is second seal, a picture would help me a lot. I live in turkey and I think this is the only example around. Dr770
  14. dr770

    349 forks.

    the hub is definately not from a cota 349. to be sure about the straightness of fork tubes , remove the wheel and put the axle on, be sure that it can be installed easyly. Remove the axle turn one of the fork tube from the triple clamp 180 degrees and apply the same procedure . The axle shouldbe easyly anstalled on each attempt. I have a similar problem by the way. the forks arent moving freely. it requires a lot of pressure to compress the fork. I tried to refurb the forks but I found that the parts under the seals are both missing. The part number I can on the spare parts is C000.993547 ( if this is the right part??) . make sure they are in place Anyone have any picture of this part? any dimensiones related? I will probably have to make one since I could not find it any where.
  15. Yes exactly, the oil is leaking to the outer tube. I thought this was normal. I think i have a problem. This is the first time i have attempt to rebuild a shock. When i pressurise the inner tune with my breath, i can hear air leaking from the bottom. So i guess there should be a 2 way valve on the bottom of the inner tube. There was a nut that i didn't unscrew i guess thats what i should deal with.
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