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  1. Dark grey, almost black
  2. Thanks again Section. Accidents, duh, yeah. You're safe, I'm on the other side of the world.
  3. Hi & thankyou Section. Has this bike been properly set-up by dealer or just unpacked and sold? I know it was rode and tested prior to delivery, but that's as much as I know. Yesterday I had a few spare hours so I treated it more like an mx and caned it for 2 hours in 4th with new plug, & 91 octane fuel from a different servo with 100:mix. Removed plug after ride, got off bike and fell over dog, broke wrist again then let a drug f....ed woman driving dangerously smash into my car to stop her from going through a red light. BUT, my plugs not caked in carbon although it's black. Plug chop. That was next on the list. I was wondering though, as most riding is slow and 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, would a plug chop indicate only high speed jetting as low speed be jet would be irrelevant at full throttle?
  4. Yes, I spoke to Paul earlier, a very helpful guy. Am doing as he suggested and will check the plug a bit later after dumping fuel and running 91 instead of 98 octane.
  5. I just checked in case I was thinking of another bike I had. It's not the GG Pro though, it's the GG 250 contact if that makes a difference. Sorry, should have said that earlier. And a pic of the new plug after 15 minutes at medium throttle with new fuel at 100:1 I'll run another hour or so tomorrow and check again then.
  6. Can't take her back. The dealer the other end of Aus. The carby's a Dell'Orto PHBL26s Standard setting for this one's 3-1/2 turns out.
  7. 1. Yes, the bike is brand new. 2. Filter's clean and not over oiled 3.The exhaust smells rich more than burning oil, more smoke then I would expect however, & smells like choke is on when running, however it isn't. 4. Oil to fuel ratio is 1.5% with Global Racing Oil - Moto2T Off Road 1 5. bike use is mostly pottering. 6. Ambient temp around 27c in Brisbane Au. 7. Time with choke on, a few seconds only to start bike when cold. 8. Plug - NGK-R (BPR5ES) It's the worst looking plug I've ever seen & is concerning for a new bike.
  8. I ran light for first few hours, then medium throttle & harder while breaking it in. Fan running more often than not which is expected.
  9. Thank you, I was wondering if it would be an idea to run a hotter plug and lean it out slightly?
  10. Hi everyone, if there's someone that might offer a thought on reading this plug it would be appreciated. There's a slight oil residue around the edge, but mostly carbon build up I think, mostly a dark grey colour. It's 6 hours old from a new Gas Gas 250. Motor runs well, no missing or popping, starts 2nd kick (most times) Most running time is only around 15 minutes squirts as my backs shot and wrist is busted. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. What Is A Twinshock ?

    Heyyy.... I'm 62 and still tinkering with my my vauxhaul.... (actually it's really a megane rs265 8:08 or was until I sold it to buy another Trials bike)
  12. Gear Pedal Replacement?

    Im 62, and so glad the question was asked because I to come from road & dirt bikes so was totally bewildered as to why my right foot was floating around aimlessly trying to find the shifter. Thanks for asking and for all the answers. I had contemplated turning the shifter 180 degrees to get it closer, but will try to master it also.
  13. Serial # help required

    Yes, I gathered that thanks, just deciphering the #'s is a problem if you don't know how they work though.
  14. Serial # help required

    Thank you all. Paul from the hell team very helpful. I wanted to purchase new from him, just couldn't afford it after a deal fell over on my end. Turns out it's a 2015 model after all. Thanks again for your help guys.
  15. Hello all, Mark here from Au. I'm new to trials and looking at what the seller believed to be a 2015 250 Jotagas, however neither of us are sure of the bikes age based on Jgas images of the 2015 models. The serial number is: UCPJT300115074007# if anyone can throw some light on it. I've contacted JGas, but as yet no reply. Happy trials all.