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  1. Looking to change the steering head bearing on my MH349 as they are a bit notchy. Does anyone know what the equivalent number for roller bearings so I can upgrade from the original ball bearings? Cheers
  2. Does the MH349 have a head gasket / rubber "O" ring fitted? Been told it doesn't need anything, which I find strange! Thanks
  3. Thanks, but it's already got that fitted. Water lying in casing was dirty (muddy coloured).
  4. Hi, my husband recently bought a 349 and relocated the condenser to under the tank. Seem to have an issue with water ingress to the magneto area after riding burn sections at a recent trial. He's sealed the magneto casing using instant gasket but water still managed to get in. Thinking of just drilling a hole at the bottom of the casing to let the water escape. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers, Fiona
  5. The clutch side has a bolt you can take out to check the level (so if too much oil in it will dribble out).
  6. Any suggestions about where to buy a replacement sticker kit for the tank of my Cota 349 (Mk4 red tank). Looks like the original decals were painted on, so how good do the replacement stickers adhere? Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought red & blue plastic documents wallets out of the Pound Shop and got approximately 20 squares (4in x 3in) from each folder. With a bit of heated wire punched holes in them. Was given some fencing wire for free and hey presto, threaded the wire through the holes and made up my own flags for not a lot of money. The corrugated plastic sheeting would be ideal and a bit more flexible but the cost is a bit inhibitive unless you can get some really cheap/free.
  8. I downloaded from this site for my husband. It is in Spanish but you can get the giste of things and its got exploded diagrams. It's better than nothing and its free :-) http://lamaneta.com/web/montesa-cota-349-manual-de-instrucciones/
  9. Thanks feetupfun. I'll get my husband to take some pictures and post here. And he went for the easiest fix. Ground off 4mm from the brake sit of the drum and used a 4mm shim on the opposite side. All square now.
  10. My husband recently bought a Cota 349. He has noticed that the front wheel does not sit central within the front forks. If he tries to use shims/spacers on the axle to centralise the wheel then the front suspension doesn't seem to work properly (stiff and not return properly). There isn't any speedo fitted. Does the wheel normally sit slightly towards the right hand fork, or anyone suggest how to rectify this. Thanks in advance.
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