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  1. i searched and only found the float needle in the uk: https://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1146 that is why i was asking if i could fit a float needle from a keihin, it would of been much easier
  2. i figured it out, its the float level needle, i need another one, does anybody know if one from a keihin ktm/beta would work? or i need to buy it original from beta.
  3. Maybe some pics help, i did the float level as in the link above, i did hole the hoses...
  4. thanks for the info, my english is quite good but not in technical terms like this, but ill go to a mechanic. so can you guys tell me what carbs fit my rev3 2001?
  5. ok, i did the setting in the link above, i opened up the carb, did the thing, assembled the carb back and it does the same thing as before, if i leave the gas on the carb start pouring gas through the lower hose until i shut the gas of, and that is at a stand still. tell me something guys, i know that 2002 onwards has a keihin carb, is that right? will that carb fit my bike? or what other carb should i get, i just had enough with this one. actually i think im wrong, is the dellorto carb next?
  6. thanks a lot, i'll try doing that setting
  7. this flooding thing is driving me crazy i started the trials in the morning for a few minutes, then i started working on it and left the fuel on because i forgot, i worked on it for maximum an hour, i tried starting it now and it wont start, its flooded again, i got the spark plug out, kickstarted it a few times, etc, still i couldnt start it again. i left it with the spark plug out cause i think this way it will dry until tomorrow. anyways i had a gas gas txt before and i regret buying this beta
  8. Well, about the airbox you are right, it s no need to change it. And for the carb, well, i got the bike from a friend and he told me that the bike will start very hard if i leave it sittint with the fuel button on. A problem i have with it is that the front brake doesn't have power at all, i mean it is very weak, if the bike is moving and i brake it will.never block the wheel. I was thinking to start with changing the brake pads but I'm not sure that those are the problem.
  9. hello guys, just bought a 2001 rev3 250 and i want to know what modifications have been made to the rev3 through the years i know mine is the one with the stupid airbox, airfilter. i also know mine is the one with the mikuni carb. the dellorto carb comes from 2004 on? and if i want to change my airbox with the newer model can i simply do that or it doesn't fit? also are is the frame the same til 2008? i haven't been riding it since i have to do some work on it, but i read that the mikuni carb has a problem stalling, i found an dellorto phbs26 at a very cheap price, i think that model is from the gasgas txt, will it fit? thanks in advance
  10. i emailed the jotagas company, asking if i buy a sh bike of theirs can they supply me parts and so on, and they responded affirmatively in a spaniord-english
  11. yeah, the frame is almost identical. the rear shock on the jotagas looks beautiful, the angle mostly
  12. so i understand that TRS is the big thing now, its first model was released this year or 2016?
  13. well, i have an enduro bike also, i would just like to get more hours on the trials bike, that's all on my gg the fan kind of runs all the time, i think that it starts when water gets to 60 degrees, and that is very fast. i am watching scottish six days trial right now, looks so much fun, i didn't knew nothing of it til now
  14. i am also a beginner, i have got a GG txt pro 280 2005 3 months ago, and honestly i would of expected it to be more aggressive, but the power doesn't really get me in any problems. or maybe i just don't rev it enough for it to be as described by all the experiented riders.
  15. is it a good idea to do hard enduro with the trials bike? i have done it twice with the GG, i am doing this to get as many hours as i can on the trials because it helps me a lot with my balance, and the other skills. the problem doing this could be the overheating? are trials sensitive to that? or i can do hard enduro days with it without any concern? when i say hard enduro i mean riverbeds, long hillclimbs and so on. situations when the trials bike will overheat more then when i use it just for technical trials stuff.
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