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  1. Aye-up...How much do you want for the widened Cub arm ?  Would save me some time. Thnaks   Griff

  2. someday


    Hello All, One of the old timers returning to the sport. Started trials riding in the early 60's on a C15T. Now have a Cub Trials and do the odd 'easy trial' Enjoy riding long distance on/off road trials. Do quite a few events as an observer and thoroughly enjoy it. Not too keen on this "trick riding" where you stop in the section and get set for the next part.Apreciate the skill but prefer the non-stop trials. Nice to see how the riders say thanks for observing... See you all soon, specially at Mac. Trials... Griff
  3. One thing to remember is that is if your bike does not comply with the Road traffic Act (ie tyres, number size and spacing etc) . In the event of an accident the insurance you have is (or can be) void as the insurance company can claim you wilfully took the bike on the road knowing it does not comply with the law...
  4. How easy is it to fit a C15 rear shinging arm to a Cub? Or another way to change the rear end to take a 400 tyre.. Thanks
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