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  1. Is there any reasonably priced 80cc bikes out there
  2. Many thanks for that I can now proceed to change the colour of frame and then riding it
  3. Good evening I have just aquired an Ossa with engine number M 340285 but can not find any sign of a frame number it has a white fibreglass tank and a black frame which is not showing any signs of other colours underneath it would be nice to know what model and size motor cheers
  4. Lakes grass trc will be holding a trial at Roundthwaite on the 30 may with a very easy beginners route watch the ACUwebsite for when entries go live or come along and observe and suss out the sections
  5. Hello I see you are asking for details of the machine you have just bought if you look on the otter website you will see picture of the bike along with what I did to it i is on the website above under bikes for sale cheers Hughie
  6. And finally a voice said unto me let there be light and we bypassed those txxxers at e bay my address is the.irvings11@gmail.com cheers
  7. I hope this is successful I am trying to remake contact with Steve in Redhills Victoria
  8. Try contacting him on Allen's Trials Spares cheers H
  9. Hello there just had a look in my shed and behold hanging up was a front pipe for a cub ,inside the frame type, which I bought and have never fitted buying an Armac type instead., Give me a bell on o7779 800374 if you are interested cheers Hughie ps after this lock down will probably sell my 225 Armac
  10. I used to use my sons skateboard worked a treat with no outlay
  11. The Lakes Grass RC are one of the closest for you and we have a trial on the 29th March at Killington the other local club to you is the westmorland motor club v
  12. I have a pair of wheels surplus to requirements new rear tyre unused and useable front
  13. Why not contact Falcon shocks and they will supply you the correct length or give me an e-mail as I have a spare pair on my garage shelf cheers
  14. Where abouts are you and what length are the bottoms? I have both lengths somewhere in my shed and would be willing to help you restore. cheers Hughie
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