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  1. Try contacting him on Allen's Trials Spares cheers H
  2. Hello there just had a look in my shed and behold hanging up was a front pipe for a cub ,inside the frame type, which I bought and have never fitted buying an Armac type instead., Give me a bell on o7779 800374 if you are interested cheers Hughie ps after this lock down will probably sell my 225 Armac
  3. I used to use my sons skateboard worked a treat with no outlay
  4. The Lakes Grass RC are one of the closest for you and we have a trial on the 29th March at Killington the other local club to you is the westmorland motor club v
  5. I have a pair of wheels surplus to requirements new rear tyre unused and useable front
  6. Why not contact Falcon shocks and they will supply you the correct length or give me an e-mail as I have a spare pair on my garage shelf cheers
  7. Where abouts are you and what length are the bottoms? I have both lengths somewhere in my shed and would be willing to help you restore. cheers Hughie
  8. Hi you can't be far away from me send me your e-mail address and I will go through gearing issues with you. cheers Hughie
  9. kickstart0748

    BSA C15

    Hello just read your details and would like to correct you on size of rear wheel this should be an 18 inch not 19 and welcome to the bottomless bucket world. ps am just about to sell an Otter framed B40
  10. Hi must agree Pete Kirby clutch is superb, have one on my 500 Ariel B40 and my Armac cub definately a fit and forget well worth the extra Cheers
  11. Hi Irun my 250 on a 28ml OKO flat slide best £26 I ever spent, runs a dream from bottom end up cheers
  12. A handful of corn every morn nearly always guarantees an egg. cheers
  13. Hello to new rider, Cumberland County MCC have a trial this Sunday starting at 10.30 on Brownrigg fell just off the A6 between Carlisle and Penrith. Pop along and introduce yourself as I am sure Robin and his crew will make you more than welcome cheers
  14. Hi there have a ty250 twinshock motor under my bench all complete but not run for a while contact me if interested
  15. with regard to your query regarding Lakes 2 day twinshock and pre 65 the answers are as follows Lakes MTA who run the 2 day national in October will be running a National side car round on the 17th of July and will be running pre-65 ahead of the field We are then running the inter twinshock team trial on the 18th open to centre teams and club teams of 4 This event will start from Torver which is situated between Broughton and Coniston The Cumberland 2 day pre-65 and twinshock event held at Glenridding will be on11th & 12th September
  16. Hi the easiest thing is to make one I had to try your local metalworks
  17. Hi if it's anything like a villiers the timing is out try moving it Cheers H
  18. Hi yep it definately sounds like drawing air via crankshaft oil seals if you can get it to tick over take out oil filler/dipstick andif it revs its nuts again hit kill switch and strip and fit new oil seals Cheers H
  19. You will find them in centre handbook for 2008 which lasts until March 2009 Cheers
  20. Hi to Godzilla look at photo's by Hilary and search out no199
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