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  1. davy you maybe right , I have just had my first ride on a new TRRS 280 (2020 ) and the mid range did feel to come in a lot quicker than my 2018 bike although ive not had chance to put my slow action throttle on ! for a real technical question like that - as your in france I would ask philipe bellatier at TR3b - or try steve saunders direct
  2. lager raga

    99 techno

    you could try Richard allen - he breaks trials bikes - sorry I don't have his contact details
  3. it looks to me like its either had a big crash or when you have greased the bearings the bolts have either been too tight or slack ! I have always been a GG rider up until 2 years ago , when I did a large amount of research on TRS and only heard good things . I bought 1 have riden several large foreign events at an s2 standard done plenty 2 /3 days events nationals etc so at 2 years old I have just exchange it for another TRS having not had a single problem , I would say yours unfortunately is a one off - I would check the shocker is working correctly before rebuilding .
  4. depending how unlucky you are you may need a gear lever and if really unlucky brake pedal - on long events I carry these with me small pump tyre dog s@@ts allen keys you can get unisex levers which fit brake and clutch , if your thinking punctures - tackle to get wheels out and tyre off - all in rucksack plus drinks and nibbles !!
  5. if your bike is registered there are plenty companies who do TPFT - im currently with MCE - but nash , devit even aviva do some bikes beauty of TPFT is its insured if it gets nicked out of your van
  6. lager raga

    Flipped my bike

    try lay your bike over onto fly wheel side for a moment to let oil balance across gearbox , then stand up level to check oil level common problem on pro
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