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  1. Could you file the eBay pegs down to fit? I've done that with another bike, the spring fit was actually the biggest issue.
  2. I bought a Beta Evo and the points on the pegs are more blunt than any I've ever seen on an off road motorcycle. I feel like they'e been a factor in my foot coming off at least once already. Seems like they could be fixed with some dremel work. Has anyone ever done this? I'm using MX boots right now which are a little smooth in comparison to what I think I see on trials boots, which doesnt help. I should probably just buy new pegs as I think the teeth are aluminum and would get bent even more easily. Also If anyone can recommend inexpensive ones I'd appreciate it.
  3. woesten

    GasGas fire

    13, havent had spare time or energy to ride it yet, but I'm really excited.
  4. woesten

    GasGas fire

    I'm just shopping for a first trials bike. Found a mint Beta Evo 250 after a long search, picking it up tomorrow. Thanks
  5. woesten

    GasGas fire

    I'm not sure what to think anymore. This was coming from JS.
  6. woesten

    GasGas fire

    I was talking to someone on the advrider forum about this. They claimed the fire affected the parts department and is causing a shortage here in the USA. Anyone else experiencing this or is this just an unfounded rumor? I was looking at a 5 year old GasGas locally as a first bike but this is worrying. Thanks.
  7. Ah ok I was pricing gasoline in the post above, diesel where is $3 a gallon here, maybe half of what it is in the UK. Anyway I've been reading about hauling dirt bikes with subcompact cars on other forums, such as with the Toyota Prius. It's definitely doable on a light trailer but they were flooring it around Colorado with 2 bikes and I think mileage was in the low 30s.
  8. Where I live it's maybe $1.85 a gallon (3.8 liters) but I think it can be double that in California cities.
  9. I'm shopping for a first trials bike and a new (used) car at the same time. I'm looking at different minimal setups for hauling, either enclosed or on some sort of class 2 (1 1/4", 350lb tongue weight) hitch carrier. Most carriers are for Class III hitches and fuel economy really suffers with that capacity vehicle. Trying to avoid a trailer too but need to read more on that. The Honda Element is one of the best candidates i have come across so far. A trials bike should fit fine with some fork compression, or maybe deflating the tire, spinning the bars down in the clamps. Needs less than 3 inches to get through the door edge (41 inches). Probably have to pull the front the passenger seat in the Element too. Plenty of examples of guys fitting sport bikes in them or enduros with a removed front wheel (replaced by a small roller for the latter bikes). Also looking at Volvo wagons, I've even seen some people turn them into dirt bike hauler 'trucks' which is hilarious. Thought about laying a bike over in something like that but I bet it would leak fuel. Might just end up with a small truck like an old Toyota, but trucks seem really overpriced across the board right now and offer less security without the right bed topper, and potentially no bed access with a bike still on the hitch carrier. So far I found an old thread here about using a Toyota minivan but the fuel economy would be in the teens. After reading more old threads, wanted to mention I'm in USA. Edit:. Small cargo vans like the Ford Transit or even larger ones lime a Sprinter but I'm simply not convinced they're not unreliable money pits. Thanks for the input.
  10. I'm looking at these bikes used and haven't been able to find many answers about this. I see used bikes listed at around $3,500. From what little info I could find, the battery packs cost $800-1,200 and wear out in a few years. If that is true, that price isnt really a discount if the bike is a couple years old. Is that info accurate? Also is the battery pack easily swappable? Seems like that would be a nice way to keep riding vs putting it up for the day. Thanks.
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