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  1. seandellear


    I have used BVM also! I have used web and can safely say it is super fast delivery! next day or 2 days max as said before!
  2. a few clips of kickstart was on channel 4 sunday night - the actors that played the cops from hot fuzz were presenting it. It was only a short clip inbetween other older programmes. a good few years back men and motors did a modern version of kickstart. it used the same theme tune and was even presented by peter pervis I remember that! it was called " teen trials!" I remember watching thinking that looks well easy! I could do that! lol How wrong I was now that I attempt to ride!
  3. i think it looks awesome!
  4. Slight variation on the subject - but still about Beta's in black. Does anyone know 1: Do the 4 stroke Beta Rev4 plastics fit a 2007 Rev3? 2: Are the Rev4 plastics available yet? Yes... and no They do fit. The TopTrial team Beta's have been seen with them on. But not available for sale just yet.. unless things have changed in the last couple of seeks. I believe it may not be until the next batch of rev4's are produced that the Mudguards will be on general release. I assume if you own a rev-4 and you break a mudguard you can get replacements? (I don't own a rev-4 but I was just curious! ) Cheers,
  5. Ah... ive been trying to use my feet the balance on the pegs - LOL Thanks for that tip ill give it a try To start with, lower the front tyre pressure to normal riding pressure (5-6pounds) Then there will be more resistance making it easier to correct yourself. Facing downhill slightly and doing it on dirt/mud help alot to!
  6. keep the bottom half of your body locked and use the pressure on the front wheel in the dirt to qadjust you using the bars! This creates far finer adjustments than with your feet and takes alot less concentration. Its on the Ryan Young DVD (first one). Laters! Sean
  7. Thanks very much neon! Cheers Sean
  8. If people skip to the end of your post like i did, this creates some interesting images in your head! Boggling! lol
  9. Thanks everyone! I think everything is safe now! lol Although nothing was deleted and nothing found there is still a file in "cookies" called "index" that is a "neromediaplayer" file and it will not delete. It says that other programs are using it! I am 99% sure this is somet6hing to do with the virus and it is become a pain in the a***! What do you think I should do? I have now run -Spyware doctor -AVG -Bit defender 8 -ccleaner -spy bot -Hit man pro The best program I found was spyware doctor which I bought! It found something like 64 threats - 3 low, 60 medium and 1 high (approx.)! The directory in the high threat one was the same as on AVG but this route does not seem to exist on my PC! It was C:/documentsandsettings/user/localsettings/temporaryinternetfiles (then something else I can't remember!). I get to "user" and there is no "localsettings"! My computer is not running any different however I do keep finding odd named "neromediaplayer" files around in folders so if I don't know what they are have been deleting them! Files that were clear yesterday have mysteriously gained one of these files over night or during today! Any help much appreciated! Thanks! Sean
  10. Hi all, Recently asked what anti virus to use and downloaded the free AVG. I have just got a trojan horse blocked and I clicked heal and thought that was the end of it. But when I checked the virus vault and checked the status of it it says healable - no and status - infected! I Have found the route file but it will not delete as it says other files are using it and to close them, althouygh there is nothing else running! I don't know what to do! Please please can someone help! Cheers, Sean
  11. Cool thanks! Will give that a bash then! Cheers! Sean
  12. Hi all! I know there are some keen computer people about on here that know there stuff! I have just got a new PC and was wondering what would be the best anti-virus software to get? I don't want to spend loads of money on it but I want my PC to be safe! Cheers Sean
  13. Thanks Jordi! But I think I am being a comlete knob! I can't seem to find it anywhere! lol
  14. Yer I would love to know also! That looks awesome!
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