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  1. I think he is speaking of long-stroke throttles that are generally used to ''calm'' nervous motorbike. In Domino's range they are black intead of beeing white. I have in mind their stoke is something like 120 degrees instead of 90 usually.
  2. Becareful with GasGas, the brand has recently been bought by KTM who wants to renover their Enduro range. There are no information for trial bikes but their future (and this is also the case for spare parts) is not guaranteed. I am not sur that buying a GasGas now is a good idea. For the motor, agree with others, 250 cc is probable the best compromise for beginners. 280 cc are Real violent, 300 cc have more inertia and are maybe less fun.
  3. Nice bike, I have the same than you but in one part. Good job, I would be afraid to dismantle it like you, respect.
  4. Hello guys, Today is a great day for me, I received my Beta rev3. I know this is a old bike but I am asolutely fan of its look. The problem now is that I have to wait the end of the lockdown, it will be long, very long... Take care of you.
  5. My name is Romain, I live in France, in the area of Grenoble in the Alps. I am 38 and I have been practicing trial motorbike for 19 years, ie half of my life. I started with a 125 Yamaha TY, then I get a SWM 320 TL, a Scorpa easy, a GasGas 280 TXT pro, a GasGas 200 TXT, a Montesa 309 and I will have very soon a Beta Rev3 250. I mainly use my bikes for freeride and I am passionnate by old mechanics, reason why I come here to read topics dealing with motorbike restaurations.
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