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  1. You are most likely going to have to take the side cover off. I would start by draining the oil and taking the clutch off and check for debris (if you have an impact wrench you can use it to remove the centre nut of the clutch basket if you are careful) It looks like on the 2strokes this is also the side for the water pump so if you are taking the entire side cover off it will probably need to be drained. ( you can take just the clutch plate off without doing this but to fix it you will need to take the side cover off) I would get new gaskets and seals just in case they are worn or swollen. ( i got mine from Beta UK website last time ) Once you have the side case off look for any debris in the bottom on the case and inspect the kick start mechanism and clutch basket to see what is broken. Beta UK website does have explosions diagrams of everything you need under the part finder if you need to check anything. Take what I said with a grain of salt as I normally work on a 4T which is slightly different
  2. Kona

    Gear Selector spring

    Got it all Sorted now! Thanks for the help I took the drain plug off to prepare it for disassembly and found the spring arm attached to it.... Ended up having to take the entire side case off. got the selector shaft off and swapped the spring. Should be all good now.
  3. Kona

    Gear Selector spring

    Thanks i will take a look
  4. Kona

    Gear Selector spring

    HI Guys I have a Beta Evo 300 4t 2011 I have been having an issue with the gear selector. When I shift up a gear the selector sticks at the top and doesn't move down unless i give it a tap. I have moved the selector with my hand and there is no resistance when pushing it up and only gravity pulling it back down to a neutral position. If I push the selector down the spring seems push's it back up. Could a broken arm on the spring be causing this? If so how hard is it to replace? Thanks
  5. Same for me, being a size 13 boot can have some fun problems.... I use the apico footpegs personally but the S3 are very good as well.
  6. S3 Hardrock are good foot pegs there is also the curve which is similar but has a slight forward tilt to help if you have the front wheel up alot.
  7. They look very similar if not identical to the Apico wide foot pegs....
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