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  1. A video from this past weekends trial in Arizona.
  2. Great video. Too bad about the music. I think Iron Maiden would have been better....
  3. Below is a link to the local club. Practice practice practice. But most of all. Have fun! Link
  4. That looks like a great camera. The eye level viewfinder should not be a problem. I have never used mine. The flash card cameras are more convienent. The lcd screen tilts all directions and makes it easy to get different shots. Some times I use a Canon XL-HI professional camera and you pretty much have to use it with it pressed to your eye. Its a great camera but more difficult to shoot with unless your a pro. I need to use it more because the quality is outstanding. Good luck. Cman
  5. DFW, I normally use a Sony HDR-HC7 mini dv.
  6. I did this video with a Canon Power Shot SX100IS. Its 8 mega pixels with a 10X zoom. I think it was around $200.00. I forgot my other camera so this is all I had. Not too bad considering we mounted it to a helmet. Also the wife shot most of it too as she does most of the video.
  7. I am using a Sony HDR-HC7 mini DV. It has all the bells and whistles. HD 1080i. But I do not film in HD. I film in standard quality because it is faster to download and edit. HD uses tons of memory and for internet viewing it is not necessary. On YouTube you can click on watch in high quality and its pretty good. I do the videos to promote the sport in the US. I try to link them to all different sites so the sport can grow here. Also its fun to film. I just wish we were getting a world round in 09. I may have to go to a National to do a vid in 09.
  8. A new video from a trial last week in AZ. We actually had some mud and water.
  9. I brought that up to him when I was editing the video. He spaced out I guess. He could not believe it until he saw it. Oh well. It did not change the outcome.
  10. Plonkers always puts on a great Trial. Well worth the drive from AZ. Link Below.
  11. A video of us riding in a friends backyard who had a nice section built. There is also a newbie riding a bike for the first time. She did great after the initial fall. Ray P is a great instructor.
  12. Hereis a link to a video from this past weekends trial in AZ.
  13. cman

    Beta 4t Video

    All off road vehicles require them. Most motorcycles that are imported to the US have them built in. The trials bikes do not. Thats why we have to add them.
  14. cman

    Beta 4t Video

    Beta 4T video. Enjoy!
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