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  1. Concerning the O'Neals - reading the 1 star reviews on Amazon is a bit scary. Seems poorly made. However, for the price you can buy 3 of the O'Neals for the price of one pair of G's or A*'s. The O'Ns are more motocross style boots and might be a bit hard to walk in - but they appear to offer good support..... You pay your money and makes your choices - the way of the world. I am a newbie to this sport and I must say the brand name boots are very expensive and according to some of the posts on this forum - they wear out or have other difficulties. So it seems there is no good solution to a good pair of protective boots at a reasonable price. I'm just saying...... Dennis
  2. Hey Dennis Im in Magnolia.... so i guess 60 miles or so.... dont even know were are any trails around to go riding... but i guess as soon i get my TL back together we  can find a place to ride....

  3. Hi One and All, I am a newbie to Trials. However, in my youth I was a motocross and enduro rider.....but that was 40 years ago. Some years ago I bought a Gas Gas 280 TXT 2000 yr model for my youngest son. He developed no interest in Trials. So the bike sat for many years in our summer home in Colorado. We sold that house and brought all our stuff back to Alvin (a community outside of Houston) recently. The bike was calling me and I began getting it ready to ride. As you all know - bikes do not like to sit - the entire front and back brake system had to be redone (thanks to Jim Snell for all of his knowledge and support and parts!!!) . Anyway, at some point I will get the bike ready to ride. The good news is the bike started up on the first kick - amazing really. I have read on this forum that the GG 280 is too powerful....it seems it is not a much loved bike. I will soon know if that is right or not. I am drawn to the EPure electric bikes to be honest.....but I do not have enough knowledge to make any judgements at this point. Sooo - I will begin the process of learning on the 280 and see where it goes. I am looking for fellow riders in the Houston area - so far no joy. There used to be an active group here but they seemed to have vanished. Besides riding bikes - I enjoy woodworking and fishing. I love to flyfish for redfish down here in the salt water. I am also a part time preacher for the Dickinson church of Christ....so I will not be riding on Sundays - so competition is likely not in the cards for me...just riding for the shear joy of riding. So if you know of anyone in the Houston area - please let me know. I have tried to get hold of the guys in Austin but there is no way to call or even email them....their forum site has a contact page but the form to send an email to them is missing....and no tele. Bummer. Thanks in advance for your help in the future! Dennis
  4. Thanks for the input. The Houston group seems to have vanished without a trace. Odd. The group in Austin is about a 3.5 hour drive away and the central Texas is about the same. Still one wonders at what happened to the Houston group. Again, thanks for the input. Dennis
  5. Some 5 -8 years ago there was a Trials group in Houston. I cannot ant trace of them now. Does anyone know what happened? Dennis
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