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  1. Hey Glayne, there are probably 50 "Trout Lakes" in B.C., including one in Vancouver. Ours is on the Sunshine Coast. We have an amazing network of trails here! One day I'll explore around elsewhere, but it will be a long time before I get bored here. 😉
  2. I introduced myself on the introduction page, but didn't know if including a link was appropriate there or not. See: "40 Year Gap". Posting this here to show the kind of terrain we ride in this temperate rain forest on the western edge of the continent. I'm not expecting to amaze anyone with the riding, but it's fun at a level that suits me. Over the coming season, I expect to work more at actual trials skills. Dan.
  3. I just came back to trials this year and it has revolutionized my 2-wheeled life. I goofed around on a TY175 in 1976, but my real passion at the time was MX. Then I had a TY250A in the mid-1980's, but I was on a tiny isolated shelf of land in coastal B.C. with little opportunity to improve my riding. After a brief break from riding of any kind, I got back to road riding in 1988 and I've been doing that ever since. Although my wife and I have traveled by bike in several European countries and South America, our road riding is a bit stunted where we live. We are on a peninsula with a ferry at each end, so we really just have one road to ride. So a friend is into trials riding and I borrowed her Scorpa 125 and, although it was gutless, I was hooked. I bought a 300 Evo in August and was even more hooked! The ignition on that decided to stop making sparks, so after a lengthy diagnosis, then waiting for a new stator, I bought a 2017 TRS RR280 in nice shape. The coastal rain forest where we ride is spectacular. Mountain bike riding is big in this area and we use some of the same trails, mostly amicably. So I am reluctant to call most of our riding "trials", as it is more like very tight single-track. Some are using the term "adventure trials", but I don't know if that's a thing, either. I'm sure it's not a purist's idea of trials, but it makes me happy. In fact, I find the pure involvement of negotiating tricky terrain at speed a kind of in-the-moment bliss that I'd only otherwise get at a track day with the road bike. But with this, I'm loaded up and riding within a half hour, where a track day is the weekend and a helluva lot more money. And the off-road riding here is almost unlimited; I've barely scratched the surface of the trail system here. What surprised me is how quickly a lot of those old off-road skills came back. Sure, I no longer have the stamina, or even the strength, but the trials bikes are so light, they make a guy look better than a dude of 63 should. At this stage in life, I don't want to see what kind of "sick whips" I can do on a 450. Having a blast and getting home intact has its charms.
  4. DanMcP

    No spark.

    And, of course you can't buy the stator and trigger coil separately. An expensive way to buy a simple trigger coil, but at least you'll have a fresh stator out of it. 😉
  5. DanMcP

    No spark.

    I recently had to replace the stator on my '13 300 Evo. Bought the bike used and got about 10 rides in before it failed.
  6. I just replaced the stator on my other bike, a '13 Beta Evo. The manual called for 140 Nm!! Not that I'm recommending that for other bikes. I just thought it seemed a lot.
  7. DanMcP

    TRS stand

    Hi, just signed up to the forum yesterday. TRS 280. I was not happy with the "lean angle" of the bike, or the stand. I just fixed mine with a piece of 1/8" stainless steel, drilled, countersunk and bent in the vise with a hammer. Tapped the stand for #10 x 24 flathead screw. It was leaning at 17 degrees from vertical, now it's at 6.5 deg. And it seems less likely to break the stand.
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