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  1. Alloy S/arm For Tlrs

    Hi, very interested. E-mail any info / pictures off finished article. Thanks Nigel.
  2. Why No World Round In The Us For 2007?

    Shame no US world round, i attended last year at TTC and it was fantastic. Only hope someone see's the potential and holds it there again soon.
  3. Honda Seeley Sprockets

    Hi, same with mine 10 and 44 th sprockets, workd fine did try a 9 on front and was very slow. Good luck with yours its all down to personal choice.
  4. Ttc

    Hi everyone over there, i had the privilage of attending your world round this year, and thanks to Curt Commer even ended up observing on sect 15 on the sunday. I'd just like to say you guys have a facility there thats miles better than here in the UK. The atmosphere and friendliness of the people was just brilliant, if anyone reads this who had anything to do with the event, i take my hat off to you. Regards Nigel UK.
  5. Back To It After 10 Years

    Hi, if you want to travel as far as Grantham, i run the Pegasus club. We hold between 6 and 8 trials a year and attract many from Nottingham and Newark. Ask for Nigel on 01476 561590. Nigel..