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  1. vaughan

    Alternative Kickstart For Montesa Cota 200 ?

    Hi Lee, Thanks for trying mate, I will try sammy, Vaughan.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know of an alternative Kickstart lever that will fit a Montesa Cota 200 1980, it has a 15mm shaft measured on top of the splines, Cheers, Vaughan.
  3. vaughan

    Mont Cota 200 Bung Type Pet Cap ?

    Thanks Lee, I think you spoke to my Brother Al he has been on the look out for me, My email is vaughan.thompson@hotmail.co.uk Cheers, Vaughan
  4. Hi Everyone, Can anyone point me to a supplyer of the "Bung" push fit petrol cap as fitted to my Montesa Cota 200, Im also desparate for a Kickstart lever and a Chain tensioner in order to finish off my Project. Any help or advice will be most welcome, Cheers, Vaughan.
  5. vaughan

    Sy 250 Clutch Bleed, How ?

    Many Thanks DFW, A great and detailed explination, I will give it a go tonight, Assisted by the "Allendale Brewery's Golden Plover" Cheers, Vaughan
  6. vaughan

    Sy 250 Clutch Bleed, How ?

    Hello. Can anyone describe how to bleed the clutch on my 04 sy Scorpa 250, and does anyone know where i can obtain a workshop manual for a reasonable price, Thanks, Vaughan.
  7. vaughan

    Cota 200 Kickstart

    Can anyone point me to where i can buy a replacement kickstart lever for my 1980 Mont cota 200, also needed a Petrol cap 'bung' type, Cheers, Vaughan.
  8. vaughan

    Starts, Runs A Bit, Dies ?

    Cheers, Lad's for the advice i will try all the above tonight, Frankie.
  9. vaughan

    Starts, Runs A Bit, Dies ?

    Hello, Hope someone can help me out with a tech problem, I have a 1978 TY250 which starts from cold ok the bike will run for 30 seconds or so then starts to die as if petrol not getting through then stops and wont restart for an hour or two when the pattern is repeated. I have a good spark, petrol is getting into the carb, i have cleaned the carb and blown out all the jets, Any ideas ? Cheers, Frankie,
  10. vaughan

    Gear Lever Not Returning

    Thanks Lad's, I will give it a go at the weekend, Vaughan
  11. Helo, Can anyone offer me advice, I have a 1980 ish Mont MH 200 the gear lever will shift up a gear ok and return to the home position, however when i shift down it engages gear ok but wont return on its own, i have to lift it back to the middle position and it will stay there, Am i looking at a replacement spring or is it an Engine strip, Thanks, Vaughan.
  12. Shop around, Just lookin' on the 'Bay' and you can find a Guy selling a new front brake cable for a TY for
  13. vaughan

    Sell Whole Or Strip

    Most of us dont agree with the practice of Stripping a perfectly good Twinshock iron just to make more money out of selling the bits seperately on the Bay, However can you blame the Guy who has just Stripped and sold a Mont MH200 and made approx
  14. vaughan

    What carb for ty 250

    Thanks Guy's, Problem sorted, Regards, Vaughan
  15. vaughan

    What carb for ty 250

    Hi, I have a TY 250 series 3 1978, can someone tell me if the Mikuni vm 24 is the right carb for my bike and what jet size, needle settings are recommended. Cheers, Frankie.