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  1. that place is called the flapits, its ok, the other place is definate addingham moorside, and its 3.00 now, worth every penny
  2. could anyone tell me any areas were to practice, im willing to travel a good 30 mile radius of silsden, keighley, skipton, please descibe direction
  3. oh dont take me the wrong way, there are fantastic
  4. hi every one, im finding out a bit of info for a work mate, hes new to trials and owns a 2005 4rt, i had the pleasure of trying this bike, but i was disappointed due to the dragging clutch, (everyones night mare) , but apart from that the bike is fantastic, does anyone have any ideas on the problem, i dont know what oil its running, so it will change as soon as i recive info or ideas, thanks everyone,
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