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  1. I'm sorry to say that argument is fundamentaly flawed. If hopping etc is part of the sport, then it stands to reason that if hopping etc is against the rules, then it's not part of the sport. Where does it say that hopping is against the rules? It certainly is not against the FIM rules. I believe one must keep moving forward in a British trial to not fall foul of the rules. I do think that there maybe some trials snobbery going on here.
  2. The attraction to this vehicle strikes a comparison to someone with a foot fetish I believe. One knows there are people who enjoy it, but if you find out who they are, you are best advised to keep well away!
  3. I do suffer from an irrational reaction to veiwing text talk however, the brain is remarkable in its power to invent a new language even designing syntax on the fly! and this is mostly done by relatively un-educated people. I believe also, educated people believe this 'shorcut' language is an insult to their education and therefore it is heavily frowned upon. On a forum such as this, one would think that the average intellect would be in the 50th percentile or lower therefore wouldn't be such a problem.
  4. I have often noticed that some of the pre-65 brigade ride without a helmet. This surely sets a bad example. I see pictures often in TMX of such things.
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