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  1. Been awhile since I've been on here! I really think the fender thing is temperature dependent. Myself and two teenage boys all ride Evo's in Southern California and we haven't broken a fender in a few years. Plus I'm a dealer and I just don't hardly sell any fenders. Now if we rode where the temp was usually below 60 it might be an issue? As for Beta USA and parts, if a part like a certain fender is back ordered with Italy not much they can do. I have seen it with a certain fender taking awhile. Beta kinda shoots them self in the foot with each year being different and fenders coming with stickers. In those cases I just looked up what other year looked similar and went with that. Not perfect or ideal, but not a huge issue Only had issues with stuff like that. Every other part that makes the bike go they always have! And I order parts a few times a week for customers. Beyond that ride and enjoy your 300! You can put whatever guards on you like. That's more of a personal thing. I would say just check the fender and muffler bolts often.
  2. or these days anything you hear in the media, social media or forums We're all just speculating anyways since none of us know what Bou's bike is really like. But speculating is the fun part! Personally I believe Bou's factory bike brings it up to the same level as the other Factory bikes. No better or worse, just different being a 4t. Now if they all had to ride standard bikes? I don't know. Would the extra weight be more of an issue or would it be the lack of power? In the end I think he still wins because it's still all about the rider, but I think he would 5 some of the truly large ups that he cleans on his factory bike.
  3. You heard incorrect. The top rider for each team brought their own special bike and it went back with them. Other riders brought parts they swapped out. Things such as cylinders, clutches, shocks or in the case of the Top Trial team (then Beta) full motors. But Raga, Caby and Fajardo all had a special bike that was their own.
  4. Yes the back fire issue is the reason 4 strokes come with the wire screen. However I don't know any 4 stroke riders who continue to use them. This includes national level 4 stroke riders for Beta
  5. sirhc

    Questionable Design

    Well we made it though the national season with several 300 Factory's out there and none broke their ignition covers. Also with this new design it is tucked in more than before. My kid got a 300 after the nationals (from the 125) and has already put a lot of time on it. I'm not saying something couldn't happen, heck he has even punched a hole in the clutch cover so anything is possible! So yes it could get broken along with 1,000 things that might happen.
  6. The only thing I would add is that the bikes do rev out really well if you need it to. Also Cody Webb won both days of the TN. National on a totally stock bike (other than jetting and tires) so they are more than capable for anybody.
  7. Yeah Dan your right, it is real nice and smooth. Plus it is a beautiful bike. Perfect for me! However for others (like my kid) it has left them wanting more. We're going to start off with a thinner base gasket, a 2013 pipe and some reeds.
  8. sirhc

    Last 4T

    That's not so much the case Cope. In 2010 I had Cody Webb's 2009 practice bike for a year. Lots of hard hours on it when I got it! Only thing I did to the motor was replace the water pump seals and the clutch plates. Anyways for almost everybody I would recommend the Beta 4t. Its a much more finished and refined product than the Sherco ever was.
  9. sirhc

    Last 4T

    I've had more time on a 3.2 than most people and I'll say I really liked them. Note I didn't have the first 2005 models. I had 2007-09 models which where much improved. The bike isn't much heavier or feel top heavy, though you can feel it. Like most four strokes it is easier to balance which I like. From my experience the motors are very reliable. I never did any motor work and that includes adjusting the valves! Once you get the carb set up properly the bikes are no problem to start. Even when hot. Though you must give it a kick like a man! In fact on hot days when the bike is really hot the bikes run even better! Like the motor is looser and runs more free. Starting is also easier. On cold days or trying to ride the bike when its not fully warm the motor always felt really tight. Also the older and more time a bike had the better it seemed to work. As far as power goes the 3.2 has plenty of it. Lots of bottom end torque. That's what I liked about it. For this reason however I don't believe it really suits lower class riders. On the other end it doesn't rev really high so top experts or pros don't like it. This is why I believe the bikes didn't make it, they only fit a narrow range of riders. It has to be a rider that likes fourstrokes, isn't a lower class rider or isn't a upper expert/pro.
  10. sirhc

    Last 4T

    Last production models I believe where 2010. Saw a pic of a 2011 at a show and heard you could special order them, but don't think there are any around. There where a good number of 2009's. Heck I had 3 of them!
  11. sirhc

    Questionable Design

    Looks like I won't be able to tell you how well the new design holds up. Just got the Factory 125 and unfortunately the little bike still has the old style stator/flywheel. Still an awesome looking bike though! There should still be enough 300's around the nationals to give a good evaluation. I still don't foresee any problems...
  12. But I heard this Honda thing was going to be great for trials because now there will be trials bikes sitting on Honda show room floors all across the country Anyways I agree with lineway, I wouldn't get a bike to ride the nationals that didn't have support there. The other brands will fully take care of you if you have a problem. As for the contingency, in the fine print I believe it says there must be 5 riders in a class for any pay out. Not many classes have that. I know Beta pays theirs down to 3rd even if there is only 3 riders in the class.
  13. sirhc

    Questionable Design

    I'll have the answer by August. My kid will be riding his first year in the 125 expert class at the nationals on a Factory 125. I'm sure he'll be giving it a good workout!
  14. sirhc

    Questionable Design

    Well its the same design as the 4t's (Montesa and Beta) don't hear people having problems with those and their covers are much bigger. Our Beta 250RR enduro bike is also setup the same way. Its been used pretty hard in Endurocross etc. with no problems. Frankly I'm glad to see a cover that shouldn't leak! Also Magnesium center cases are nothing new for the Factory Beta's so I don't see a problem there.
  15. It makes no difference in any of the places we ride trials here in SoCal. Its not a problem having a red sticker for us. As for me getting a 4rt? I already had one. No need to get another. Besides it's much prettier than those orange wheeled things they're selling now.
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